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Narcos Mexico Season 2: Release Date And Things To Know Befor Watching It




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Narcos has set the trademark for dark crime true stories in Netflix. The reason it attracts people is its natural way of showing true crime. With an outstanding season, one fan is a lot pumped up for season two.

Things to Expect in Season 2 of Mexico’s Narcos :

At the end of season one, as told by Walt Breslin our narrator, DEA will wage war with cartel despite they don’t know it yet. As for now the man on top of power in this corrupt political landscape is Felix Gallardo. Officially DEA can’t deal with Felix and prosecute him because he has paid most of the officers out there. So they are sending undercover agents to bring the fight to Cartel.

The war is will be so fierce and powerful. It will be filled with blood and rage. Felix Gallardo will not only just fight against DEA in this season. We can expect many betrayals of him to his friends to reach the ultimate top and conquer. So let’s wait for the ultimate crime drama.

Who is going to join the cast and when is the second season rolling out?

So expected the lead role of DEA agent Walt Breslin will be played by Scott McNairy. Even news has come is Diego Luna is back as Felix Gallardo. Even we can expect some famous big names under the character Scotty McNairy this upcoming season. We must wait for the second season to see him.

Coming to the releasing of Second Season of ‘Narcos: Mexico ‘ it was officially tweeted by the series team that they will be back on 13th February 2020. The filming part is almost done and a bit of editing thing is left out. So it’s a two months wait from now for the fans to witness another crime drama.

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