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Narcos Mexico season 2: 5 Things to know before the premiere on Netflix

This series is one of the best series that one will watch in their entire lifetime. Narcos Mexico Netflix’s independent criminal drama will return for its second season on Netflix in February.

Seeing the emergence of the Guadalajara cartel in the 1980s in Mexico, the show began as the very new season of Narcos Mexico before their transmission giant has decided to develop the show as the complimentary program.


It is said that the second season will launch on 13th February this year and that is just after a few days it will be releasing on Thursday.

With their date announced, Netflix has provided a brief preview, showing their lead actor Diego Luna who is the evil one addressing the camera while speaking in a very terrifying voice.


The series follows the new foundation of the modern Mexican drug trafficking, its focus on the real-life narco Felix Gallardo, who is a former Sinaloa police officer and also a drug trafficker and also Mexican American DEA agent KIKI Camerena, Felix charges of knocking him down.

The season followed a game of cats and mice of two men, which then culminated in the kidnapping of the torture of and also the murder of KiKi, who at last finally died as a catalyst in the war of drugs.


the season 2 cast will be the same as of their previous one. The new character will be Scooter McNairy who is named Argo only twelve years old stars as Agent Walt Breslin, brought after the death of KiKi Camarena who was an agent of the DEA. 

This will only be the change as we have expected from the previous one.


The season two trailer has been launched by the production team. The trailer was launched on January 30th, 2020 that followed an advance in early 2020. 

We know that it will go great as the trailer was so much good the fans of the series loved it so much they are very much eager for their second season…



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