Narcos Mexico: Diego Luna refused to address and accepted Felix Gallardo

Narcos Mexico 3 Diego Luna refuse to address the accepted Felix Gallardo

Enthusiasts of Narcos: Mexico was clipped by the second season when it reached on Netflix back in February. As enthusiasts of the exhibit will know, he was a Mexican drug merchant who cared for form the Guadalajara Cartel in the 1970s.

By the 1980s, he was on the toll of practically all of the drug trafficking in Mexico and the boundary between the US which gave rise to it possible.

Nonetheless, as the second season of Narcos: Mexico exhibits, this was not to last for the prominent opium heavyweight.

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By the edge of the 1980s, he had missed much of his strength and was charged by Mexican authorities in 1989. He is nowadays attending a 37-year penalty in a Mexican prison and it is foreseen he will be away in 2026.

Although when it appeared to characterize him, entertainer Diego Luna disclosed he did not talk with the real-man at entirely.

Diego Luna refuses to address the accepted Felix Gallardo

Diego Luna refuse to address the accepted Felix Gallardo

He talked to Variety approximately this ahead of the next season of the exhibit, clarifying he did not guess he would progress much from a meeting.

The player also advised Entertainment Tonight how he would begin to avoid any requests to talk to him or those around him if they appeared. Presently the additional season has appeared to an end, enthusiasts of the show are interested to understand if there will be a third outing of the exhibit.

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Worthless has been corroborated so far but if it does it has been verified Luna will not be around to make again his position. This was verified by sequel showrunner Eric Newman to The Hollywood Reporter.

He’ll constantly be with us in mood and, certainly, what tremendous freedom to help with him for the final two years. I respect him.

Rather, observers will be able to watch him following in the Disney+ live-action sequel about his Star Wars identity Cassian Andor.



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