My Roommate is a Cat Season 2: Is It Coming?

My Roommate is a Cat Season 2

I am pretty sure that you all love cats so much and yes keeping a cat as your pet is a new norm nowadays, yes! Do you all watch the Anime series? I remember one series, it was about a cat and a boy, Yes My Roommate is a Cat. But sadly My Roommate is a Cat season 2 is still not released.  

My Roommate is a Cat: About the Series

You all are familiar with the Japanese Manga Series, right? So, My Roommate is a Cat is one of those written by Minatsuki and illustrated by Asu Futatsuya. 

My Roommate is a Cat Season 2

In 2015 the series was aired online by Flex Comix’s Comic Polaris Website. The collection is preserved in seven Tankabon Volumes. By Zero-G, it was adapted as a television anime series. And was from 9th January 2019 to 27th March 2017. 

The series revolved around Subaru Mikazuki {Voiced by: Kenshō Ono (Japanese); Austin Tindle (English)} and Haru {Voiced by: Haruka Yamazaki (Japanese) Jad Saxton (English)}

Subaru was a 23-year-old man. He was a novelist by profession and he wrote mystery novels. Apart from that, he was a very shy person and an extremely introverted person too. He stayed home all day and read books, he used to interact very little with people.  His parents passed away years ago leaving him all alone. 

One day when Subaru was returning home after offering prayers at his parent’s grave he found a cat named Haru and he took that cat home with him. But you know what Subaru always lived alone and he has never taken care of anyone, how he will take care of that cat? But no the Cat, that is Haru was so thankful to him that he was taking care of her so much. 

The relationship of a cat with a man is so wisely portrayed in the whole series. And absolutely loved watching it, the emotional essence of pain and love is seen in each episode. 

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My Roommate is a Cat Season 2

Is My Roommate is a Cat Season 2 Coming Back?

Like me, I know you all must be waiting for the series to return. But what to tell, I am so sad to tell you this My Roommate is a Cat season 2 has no plan to return. As the new volume of the Manga series is still not out. 

As per the media report, the series was not popular like other Anime Series so that is why season 2 might not come. 

And I know the series like for every other series you must be waiting for this too, right? Let us wish for good to happen so that we are able to see the relationship of a man and a cat again. And enjoy the emotional ride of care and love together on Crunchyroll.

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