My Mister Season 2: Release Date Is Here


As you all must be very excited to get every information and get all details about “my Mister season two”. Following there has been provided the release date, cast and crew members, the questions which the fans were demanding of, and all the recent updates about season two of My Mister Series.

My Mister Season About

My mister is A very beautiful love story of a middle-aged man and a junior girl. It is a realistic and True story. My mister is a Korean drama series.


So, in the series the revolving story has been framed like: In the world which is less than kind, There is a young woman and a middle-aged man who has developed a sense of kinship, as they put with each other have been feeling something and that is the feel of warmth and comfort which they both have with each other and feels apart from the world.

It is a very beautiful story call based on real emotions and the real drama which has been portrayed by the actors very beautifully. Everything has been so realistic in this series that it has been extremely loved by each and everybody.

My Mister Season Two Release Date

My Mister season two is not yet renewed for a new season two. There has been no update and details or anything which has been scheduled regarding season two.

My Mister as of now has just season one with 16 episodes and season 1 was released in the year 2018.

My Mister Season 2 Reviews and Ratings

The beautiful drama series has been extremely loved by fans and has got extremely high ratings which are about nine 9.1 out of 10 IMDb and if the series went very popular among everybody as it has been a very beautiful love story. The most amazing part is the fans have been commenting on the series because of its realisticness.

My Mister Season 2 Where to Watch

The famous streaming sites are always provided to all the fans for the convenience of the fans to find a platform to watch the show easily and also for full time.

Fans always prefer a platform where they can watch the full film online for free and they need not buy anything.

So you are at the right place and it has been confirmed and updated that the whole season with 16 episodes or My mister is available on the Netflix media platform.

You all can visit the Netflix site and can watch the Full time so and all 16 episodes are available there. You can watch it online for free on Netflix.

My Mister Seasons and Episodes

There has been some official announcement which has been made about the drama and which is that the, My Mister is not renewed for a new season that is season two.

And there has been no official announcement which has been made yet regarding any detail of season two of my mister. Season one of my mister has been released in the year 2018.

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As of now, there has been just one season of the series. Till now there has been one season and 16 episodes of My mister. The list of the episodes of season one includes 16 episodes of just one season and about that season you all know that it has not been renewed till yet and no updates have been there regarding season two of the Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Ending of My Mister?

So, always fans have been demanding the ending to know about the starting of the next season or any New episode or further ahead happening of Series. So accordingly it is seen that the things have been ending very great and very good for each of them separately. Eventually, PDH has been starting its own company and on the other side, it has been seen that Ji An also has found very nice friends, Even nicer than four times. Social has been ending up by inviting PDH for a very good meal and she chose this instead of any other way apart.

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Is My Mister a Good Drama?

We cannot ignore the fact that the drama has been wrapped in a very good sense but also the ending has been a very cliffhanger. And the soundtracks have been very amazing and enjoyable also for it seems editing has been so perfect. Now coming onto the story then the series has A very real-life story based on conditions in today’s life which make fans very engaged in the series and content. So overall the series has been very good and the fans have been wonderfully and amazingly liking it.

Is My Mister a Love Story?

First of all the first line would be that if any of you have not watched this series then just stop now I am just going to watch it. It is so worth it. It is a Korean drama ‘my mister’, And it is just a wonderful take on a love story which is between a middle-aged man and a girl Junior. The junior girl is 20 years younger than that man. And the story has been between them which is a very beautiful take between the love story of these two.

Is It My Mister Realistic Movie?

Yes, of course, the whole story has been based on real emotions which are portrayed by all actors. Every emotion is real, The most interesting part is the platonic chemistry which is between the leads and there hasn’t been a single bit of unrealistic things, everything has been surreal the drama has been very real the aura has been very real and of course, the acting has been showing the real emotions which are been portrayed.


You all were in need to know the details about My Mister season two and also about the series and the reason why it has been delayed and now won’t be coming.

Everything has been provided in the article above and all the information has been provided to you about the story and also the reason for the series not happening now.

So, the reason and also about the details and updates of season two of My Mister has also been told to you in the above lines.