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My Hero Academia: Top 3 best and worst couples in the anime

My Hero Academia Top 3 best and worst couples in the anime

My Hero Academia has several characters imposing several possibilities for romance. While some couples are too cute, the others are quite impossible to imagine.

By now with four seasons released, fans have witnessed several pairs with excellent chemistry, destined to be together, while others are quite devastating. So, here are the top three best pairs and worst pairs list.

Top 3 Best Couples of My Hero Academia

1. Shoto X Jiro

Even the self-absorbed Shoto Todoroki gets a mate. He is a tsundere instead of being a jerk. Shoto is not a bully, but is in pain and reaches his classmates just in time. While Kyoto Jiro is tough, cool, and has a no-nonsense attitude.

They like each other’s cool attitude and mature ways. Both of them have fun as well as classy dates, with Shoto’s newfound talent, music.

2. Izuku X Tsuyu

In a SHonen series, where the handsome male lead is always surrounded by female followers, he gets linked with everyone. Froppy aka Tsuyu Asui is such a character.  It’s quite intriguing that Izuku and Tsuyu are paired but both of them are responsible as well as mature for their age. They are too much attached to friends and have villains around them always.

3. Mashiro X Toru

This partnership is the result of a mock battle against the teacher, Snipe – a cowboy-inspired faculty. They seem to get along perfectly and both of them own amazing personalities.

My Hero Academia -Top 3 best and worst couples in the anime

With Toru being an upbeat girl, Mashiro is down to earth, cool kind of guy. They fit each other perfectly just like two puzzle pieces. Toru can help Mashiro have fun, while Mashiro can prevent Toru from getting too bold.

Top 3 Worst Couple In My Hero Academia

1. Eraserhead X Deku

Imagining Deku with Eraserhead, simply gives a headache. It’s an abuse to a student and teacher relationship. It doesn’t work secondly. We also aren’t sure about Eraserhead’s feeling about Deku, or anyone else.

He just seems off and imagining these two together is just disgusting. Well for once, we just don’t want to see them together.

2. Mirio X Nejire

Mirio Togata and Nejire Hado are two eminent personalities of the Big Three. But, this doesn’t mean that they are made for each other. With the three of them being childhood friends, Mario sees Nejire as a step-sister, not as a mate. Additionally, both of them are quite similar, and as we know opposites attract, while similar repels.

3. Bakugo X Camie

As far as the anime is concerned, this pair has a slim chance to stand together. They don’t fit each other. A hothead with a Japanese Valley girl? No, not happening.

Indeed they both took part in makeup exams for the Hero license test, and also managed to get along with similar results. But, this doesn’t mean that they are destined lovers.

Bakugo doesn’t want to have a girlfriend for the time being, while Camie seems to be interested in Shoto.

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