My Hero Academia: Theories that prove Kirishima or Kaminara can be the traitors

Theories that prove Kirishima or Kaminara can be the traitors

My Hero Academia is now trying to return to a situation of normality after a lot of tragic incidents in the manga. The hero and the villain are about to confront each other, but one question that stands unanswered is, “Who is the traitor?” It has been indicated in the previous episodes that the traitor is someone from the students and staff of the U.A high school. Despite spending hours on the manga, the fans are unable to figure out who the real traitor is.

We think that Horikoshi is willing to reveal the face of the real culprit soon and, here are certain theories that might prove that the traitor is either Kirishima or Kaminari. We know that the idea of these two guys being the traitors might be a bit shocking for you. Here are some incidents to prove this.

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How is Kirishima the traitor? (My Hero Academia)

The first incident that made us skeptical about Kirishima was during his expedition with Fat Gum. The snivel story of the villain made him so emotional that he started empathizing with him. Another concerning reason is, Kirishima wanted to be a friend with one of the hot-tempered characters of the series i.e. Bokugo.

My Hero Academia- Theories that prove Kirishima or Kaminara can be the traitors

We know this is not that concerning but just after their friendship Bokuga was attacked by the League of Villains that makes us think what if the friendship was an assignment given to Kirishima.

During the attack of the League of Villains, Kirishima was very angry even when he wasn’t involved in the fight and he was not seen in his bed that night. All of this together makes us a bit suspicious about Kirishima.

How is Kaminari the traitor?

Kaminari seems to have a favorable taste towards the villains of the series. He found Stain cools when he addressed his run of killing the heroes on the television.

Do you think appreciating someone who has killed people of your kind is cool? Back lashing of Kamari’s quirks is nothing new for us but there is a possibility that he might be faking it all since the beginning. Other than that Kaminari was also the one who didn’t step up during the attack of the League of Villains.

We all know that Kimanari has a gift of communicating unmonitored over long ranges but he wasn’t able to figure out the attack on the training center which makes us more doubtful.

Do you think these theories could prove that one amongst Kirishima and Kaminari is the traitor?