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My Hero Academia: 10 Rare Facts About Deku and Uraraka’s Relationship




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Today we are talking about the highly addictive series My Hero Academia which has instantly become a fan favorite. Fans are curious to get their hands on any little detail that they can find about the show. The week-long wait between episodes is a torture for the fans.

In this article, we’re going to dive into the relationship between Deku and Uraraka. How sturdy is the relationship they share? Are they likely to become canon? Let’s pull some logical arrows of guess shots based on facts since we have no answers.

My Hero Academia: 10 Rare Facts

10- Their Ship Name

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Every cute ship has a ship name. Guess the ship name for Deku and Uraraka? Well, that cute ship’s name is IzuOcha. Like every ship out there we see their first names combined together, Izuku and Ochaco. Maybe it isn’t the cutest name out there, but it works well for the fans.

9- The Name Misunderstood as Insult

Back in the first season, Uraraka had made a little mistake. She called Midoriya “Deku”, having heard Bakugo use that term (as an insult) and mistakenly assuming it was actually Midoriya’s name. You see, she hadn’t intended the insult. The term “Deku” is very similar to a Japanese phrase which basically means ‘You Can Do it!’ So it wasn’t her fault.

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8- The J Factor- Jealousy

A lot of jealousy has been shown between these two lovebirds. Uraraka seems to be the more jealous one, reacting weirdly on several occasions watching Deku talk to other girls.

There are three characters in particular that have triggered these feelings of jealousy in Uraraka: Mei Hatsume (one time she accidentally shoved her cleavage up in his face), Camie Utsushimi (fake), and Melissa Shied (very fond of Deku).

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7- Fear of Death (My Hero Academia)

Spoiler alert for the upcoming episodes of season 4! During the Shie Hassaikai arc, Sir Nighteye said something to Uraraka that terrified her, leading her to believe that Deku would not survive the battle even if he completes the goal.

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My Hero Academia

Uraraka freaked out. However, her pleasure at seeing Deku alive could possibly end up being a turning point in their relationship.

6- Uraka’s Realization

Uraka is the first one to realize and acknowledge her feelings for Deku, after denying it for a while. She was forced to admit the truth back when she saw Deku interacting with Camie during their tests. But she is yet to make the confession to Deku.

5- Priorities (My Hero Academia)

Uraka makes the decision to prioritize herself and become a hero. However, Deku distracts her by throwing himself headfirst into danger (as always).

4- Growing Concerns

Uraraka had been keeping her feelings in check although many people figured out her feelings. But there is a point coming up in the anime where Deku will have some trouble with his quirk. Right manga readers? These events force Uraraka’s feelings to come to the surface as she steps up once again to protect Deku.

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3- Constant Support (My Hero Academia)

Deku and Uraraka are not in a canon relationship but Deku will do anything to keep Uraraka safe as Uraraka will support him through all of his struggles. She’ll also back him against his bullies (looking at you, Bakugo). True relationship goals!

2- Mina’s Teasing (My Hero Academia)

It did not take her long for the busybody Mina Ashido to figure out that Uraraka had a crush on Deku. She suspects Deku reciprocates those feelings. On several occasions now we’ve seen Mina teasing Uraraka about this fact.

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1-Deku’s Personality (My Hero Academia)

Deku is an otaku, a massive fan of All Might, and up until U.A., it sounds like he never really got to talk to girls. His reaction to talking to Uraraka on the phone all but confirms this. Will Deku realize that Uraraka likes him. He hasn’t confessed of any crushes on his part, but he does react strongly to Uraraka’s presence. Only time will tell.

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