MST3K Cancelled by Netflix


Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a classic Sci-Fi or comedy series which was released on November 24th, 1988. Since then it has been considered as one of the most famous American television comedy series. It is also regarded as a cult classic. Hence Netflix decided to adopt the series. So that this huge series would have a platform for everyone to stream the episodes in just like FRIENDS.

Netflix decided to cancel this series after two seasons. the executive producer Joel Hudgson released the news on Tuesday and also give the science that they would continue to shoot the series on a different form in the future.this also popularly known as Mystery Science Theater 3000 original on an independent television station in 1988.



Sachin played Jo Robinson in it. in the series 10 character was sent to space by his employer and was forced to live there with his robot friends. this character in the series was usually picked on. this series went on to make a decade more of episodes and had multiple network switches as well. this also got recognition in the Times’ magazine which listed in the 100 original TV shows of all time.

Hodgson told the fans of Netflix is the decision for the series separate post on Twitter he says that it is not the last chapter for this series. this move by Netflix apart from them canceling marvel a huge number of fans and fan bases. these hot fans turn to Twitter to comment about this move and support the decision to both parties.

Many series do not come to an end even the being canceled by a big streaming service. Fans also believe that this huge franchise cannot come to an end. As Hudgson says this show will not stop here and have plans of expanding on bigger platforms. Some might even say that Netflix made a mistake to let this go. However, one can only hope for the return of this beloved series soon and comes back with a bang that will be memorable for the audience.