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Mrs. Serial Killer 2: Is It Happening Or Not?

Mrs. Serial Killer 2

The story of Serial killers is getting popular lately. With fans getting to love all the thrillers and dramas within the show, Serial killers are the absolute favorite topic for the entertainment world. Is it like making a true story based on something that actually happens and is also horrible? In the mid of all, Mrs. Serial Killer is one of the movies that happens to release last year, 

All the Indian Bollywood fans were hooked to see all the promotions and shows that have already been circulating the message, Fans being a fan loved the theme of the movie and even encouraged everything about it. 

The movie was scheduled to release on Netflix, which is another milestone for the film itself. After the first part of the movie ended on a surprising note, it surely left all the fans wondering about the sequel. Will there be a Mrs. Serial Killer 2? Will the cliffhanger ever end? Are we going to get another part of the film or not? All these questions were the ones that were most asked on the internet. 

As the first part of the movie ended well, fans started to look for the answers that would satisfy themselves. There are already enough rumors and fake news that would make you feel shaky. That’s why we are here with all of the important news updates that recently happened to make you believe in the show and also the possibility of the sequel. 

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Mrs. Serial Killer: Know About it!

Mrs. Serial Killer is an Indian thriller crime drama that was initially released in 2020 on Netflix. The Indian thriller movie was decided to release on Netflix and the show was directed by Sirish Kunder and produced by popular Farah Khan. 

Starring Jacqueline Fernandez, Manoj Bajpayee, and Mohit Raina as the main roles, the film has every element to get famous. Fans were already excited to see their favorite Manoj in the show as his previous works have already played a major role in winning the hearts of the people. 

After the first season of the show was released, fans were confused about the ending. There are some questions that were left unsaid by the creators and the audience wants to know why certain things happened. If you have watched the series before then you would know that the lawyer helped the Doctor. This leaves a major role in the plot and creators should fill it by releasing another season. 

Mrs. Serial killer received mixed reviews both from the fans and the audience but this doesn’t mean that the show isn’t enough. The viewership of the show increases after every season and this again makes us doubt about season 2. 

Mrs. Serial Killer 2 Confirmed: Is it Happening?

The season 1 ending left a cliffhanger and there is no doubt that fans want to know everything. If you have watched the series then you know how the ending makes the serial killer revealed but there is more story to it, 

Like why did the lawyers help the doctor? At the end of season 1, we saw how Shona found out that Doctor Joy was actually the Serial killer. But she can’t tell all this to the police. She needs to find something solid that would make her argument strong. 

After Joy finds out that she knows everything, he makes her a hostage. But Joy was quite clever to rescue the situation by texting Inspector Imran. This made the audience think that the series would have more to know. 

Being an Indian series, we know that there would definitely be a season 2. After the show received a great fan base and viewership, the creators might renew the show.

However, there is no official statement regarding this. We are waiting for the creators to reveal more about the show and if there would be any news regarding the confirmation then I’ll let you know. 

Mrs. Serial Killer 2 Release Date: When can you expect the show to Release?

There is no exact release date for the Mrs. Serial killer 2. The show has not yet confirmed the exact release date for their show and the fans have been waiting to know.

The first part of the Mrs. Serial Killer was released on 1 May 2020. Season 1 has left many of the fans hooked to know what exactly happens with Shona and Imran. 

The officials have nothing confirmed yet and it would be so early to judge the second season. However, there is enough hope that Sahil would renew the series because it was one of the most popular among the audience. 

If the series gets renewed by the end of this year, we might be able to see Mrs. Serial killer 2 in 2022. On the other hand, all these predictions are just not worth it until or unless the officials got anything to say. 

Mrs. Serial Killer 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

The original cast of the movie will be returning back for the series and will be definitely going to watch every single character in the sequel. As per the report, Jacqueline Fernandez is seen as the main protagonist of the movie and playing the role of Sona Mukerjee. 

Moreover, The actress is already famous in Bollywood movies and even though I never really liked her acting because it is kinda not that professional, her work in this movie is definitely something. 

Other than her, Manoj Bajpayee is seen as the main antagonist of the movie and his acting skills aren’t something to doubt, we have already seen him in The Family man and other movies and we just love him. 

Even though his negative roles have received so much appreciation both from the fans and the critics. If you are someone who hasn’t watched the series so far and wants to know about the cast then here it is. Read everything about the cast of the movie and find who is going to be in the next season. 

  • Jacqueline Fernandez will be back as Sona Mukerjee
  • Manoj Bajpayee will reprise his role as Dr. Mrityunjoy “Joy” Mukerjee
  • Mohit Raina will be seen as  Inspector Imran Shahid
  • Zayn Marie Khan will be cast back as Anushka Tiwari
  • Darshan Jariwala will follow the role of Brij Rastogi
  • Chanda Joshi will be back as Mrs. Rastogi
  • Deepak Arora will reprise her role as Sid, Anushka’s boyfriend

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Is there any official Trailer for the show?

So far, there isn’t any official trailer for the movie and none of the officials have confirmed anything. Even the big OTT platform is far from releasing any statement regarding the upcoming season 2 of the series. The thriller show has enough fans that are eager to watch the show but even though with all these games, the creators haven’t released any confirmation regarding the season. That’s why there is no official trailer regarding Mrs. Serial Killer 2. For the ones who haven’t watched the first season of Mrs. Serial Killer, here is one.

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