mrs. Anne Hathaway Announces Second Pregnancy on Social Media

Congratulations may be for Anne Hathaway together with her husband. According to the Daily Mail, Shulman and Hathaway were seen with a baby Jonathan, together with their son in tow.
The publication reported that the family was seen in Connecticut on Sunday, Dec. 9.
Shulman could be seen because he walked along with his wife and son, who donned ensembles that were cozy to combat the New England weather, carrying the bassinet. Their paychecks mark the first time that Hathaway was seen in weeks.
The Daily Mail went on to note the Hathaway was expected to attend the premiere for her film Black Waters on Nov.
13 however the role skipped. At that time, she explained to lovers On Instagram there was a”good reason” why she couldn’t make the premiere.
Given this time frame, it is possible that the occasion skipped because she had her hands full with the pieces of training or together.
On Nov. 15, Hathaway did discuss a selfie About Instagram that showcased her infant bulge. Although, of course, the photograph was probably shot at a prior date. She captioned the article with a message thanking everyone for all the birthday wishes she got (her birthday fell on Nov. 12).
“Feeling much love this week” She composed. “I want to thank everybody for the novels in addition to the flowers and chocolates and cards and crystals and snacks and I wish to thank God. It had been so valued #37.”
Hathaway disclosed she was expecting her second child. On Instagram, the Princess Diaries celebrity showed off her developing baby bulge, which she reluctantly informed lovers had been”not for a film.”


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