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My Days of Mercy

My Days of Mercy shows love blooming in the scenario of political affairs. The screening of the movie marked the exiting of the people before the end of it. Their decision of leaving proved wrong as there was much more to be discovered and appreciated in the movie. Most importantly, the performance of the actors.

My Days of Mercy

Tali Shalom Ezer is the director of the romantic drama that originated in the Uk and US.

Joe Barton is the writer, and David Hinojosa, Elliot Page, Kate Mara, and Christine Vachon are the producers.

It was represented as a Gala presentation at the Toronto International Film Festival.

What Is The Plotline Of The Movie My Days Of Mercy?

The story of the film revolves around the anti-death penalty protestors named Lucy and Martha, whose father is sentenced to death for murdering his wife eight years ago. Lucy, along with his sister, Martha, and younger brother, Ben, lives in Ohio. They travel to various destinations for their father’s case and protests.

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During one protest in front of the prison, Lucy meets Mercy, a lawyer from the opposite party. Lucy and Mercy belong to opposite political views and parties but still develops a bond of friendship. Contact gets established between them after exchanging phone numbers and adding each other on Skype. They soon fall in love with each other and begin to meet at various destinations.

On the other hand, Martha still believes that her father is innocent and thus tries to free him from the death penalty. She hires a lawyer, who successfully delays the death penalty for four months, giving them time to investigate the loopholes and collect the evidence for the reopening of the case. However, the plan doesn’t work, and the legal appeal gets denied by the court. After facing the reality, Lucy travels to Illinois to meet Mercy, but she feels cheated after watching that Mercy lives with her parents and has a boyfriend too. Still, Mercy attends the execution of Simon.

My Days of Mercy

The next scene opens after six months displaying Lucy working as a waitress in California. Mercy finds Lucy and tries to rebuild the bond, but Lucy rejects her. However, they soon plan a date later on.

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The Release Date: When Was The Movie My Days Of Mercy Got Screened?

My Days of Mercy got released on 8th September 2017 at the 42nd annual Toronto International Film Festival. It got telecasted in the United Kingdom on 17th May 2019 and in the United States on 5th July 2019.

What Are The Names Of The Characters Of The Movie My Days Of Mercy?

  • The protagonist is Lucy Moro, played by Elliot Page. She, along with his elder sister, is a protestor against the death penalty.
  • Mercy Bromage, played by Kate Mara, is a lawyer and son of a police officer. He and Lucy get close to each other.
  • Martha Moro, played by Amy Seimetz, is the elder sister of Lucy Moro.
  • Benjamin “Ben” Moro, played by Charlie Shotwell, is the 10-year-old brother of Lucy.
  • Simon Moro, played by Ellias Koteas, is the father of Lucy and Martha. He has been charged and sentenced to death for the allegations of murdering his wife eight years ago.
  • The other characters are:
  • Toby’s role played by Beau Knapp
  • Weldon’s role played by Brian Geraghty
  • Agatha’s role played by Tonya Pinkins
  • Ian’s role played by Jake Robinson
  • Katlin’s role played by Jordan Trovillion

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What Are The Ratings Of The Movie My Days Of Mercy?

The websites over the Internet tell that the movie displays the exceptional chemistry of Kate and Elliot. The movie has scored 89% on Tomatometer, based on 19 reviews.

My Days of Mercy

It has got a rating of 6.5 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch The Movie My Days Of Mercy?

There are many websites over the Internet where you can watch the movie. It is also available on Netflix, but only in certain regions. You can also watch it on Amazon Prime after renting or buying.

You can buy it from Google Play and iTunes as well. It is also available on Hulu.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Movie My Days Of Mercy:

How was the end of the movie My Days of Mercy?

The movie ends with a planned date between Mercy and Lucy. Mercy tries very hard to find Lucy, but she rejects her. However, some feelings were still left in her heart for Mercy. After shifting, Lucy meets up and fixes a date with her.

Was Simon guilty of the murder of his wife?

Simon was sent to jail and sentenced to death by the authorities. He was charged with the murder of his wife eight years ago. Meanwhile, his daughters try to save him from the death penalty.


The movie proved to be full of emotions and is a very powerful and universal story. Despite mixing LGBT and a political issue, the plot proved to be an effective one.

One should watch it at least once in a lifetime.


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