Hollywood movies compared to other countries’ movies.
Despite the fact, we all know that Hollywood movies re popular all over the world, many of us believe that foreign films are far better than any.

Critics’ dislike of Hollywood films’ is due to the straight-line plot of the film which is nothing is left unclear, unsettling or unexplained and every shot is justified by a link to the strictest cause and effect.


When Americans go to the movies, they like it to be entertained and want everything to end happily with as little physical and mental exertion on their part as possible.

The opposite theme is evident in the movie The Official Story. This film portrays actual events through a fictional story. The film is extremely shocking and causes the audience to contemplate the horror of the events. The audience is tossed into the middle of an emotional struggle.

Hollywood tends to avoid political films mainly of one or two reasons. The first reason is that in today’s capitalist society Hollywood can’t make a movie making any type of political statement.

Hollywood directors get most of their money from the advertisers. They do not want to offend these advertisers because then there would be no money. They also do not want to offend the general population who is paying to see the movies.

Bollywood and Hollywood are both world-famous that won hearts of billions of people, from their movies, dance, music, drama and especially the storyline. These two are the apex movie industries giving each other a tough competition.

The Indian Film industry is considered as the largest film producer in the world. Films produced across the country of varied culture forms part of the industry. One such part is Bollywood; which represents the Hindi cinemas based in Mumbai, Maharastra. It is the largest film industry in the country.

The major differences in Holly and Bolly:
The movies made in Bollywood their gross income is comparatively less than the films made in Hollywood, this shows that many prefer watching Hollywood rather than Bollywood.

Then the other difference is that the technology used in or for making movies, Bollywood doesn’t use much of the advanced technology whereas Hollywood is number 1 in these cases.

These were the major differences that we all notice and this is one of the reasons why we prefer watching Holly. It’s not that Bollywood is not good Bolly is also good as equal to Holly, except for the above reasons.