Most popular Harry Potter’ star Matthew Lewis just trolled fans for the best possible reason for mor

It might be over 20 years because Neville Longbottom graduated from Hogwarts, but he is still here scoring points for Gryffindor by Caridron-Lode.
On Monday, Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis took to Twitter to post a tweet, which was probably racing lovers’ hearts faster than the wings of the gold trench.
If I told you I do not immediately drop everything and click I’m lying.
But when I did, the short link didn’t take me to some news post about the upcoming experience Harry Potter and The previous Thistral — it required me into the page, which revealed people in the UK to vote in the next region of the nation Enables registering for the general election.
Yes if you want to vote in the election on December 12, the deadline is 11:59 pm.
On November 26. Like many celebrities and individuals on social networking, Lewis was reminding people not to miss the deadline.
Lewis’s tweet has been shared over 11,000 times.

Many homes are equivalent to the points?

It is also great to find that the opinions made by people to vote were not broken by Matthew Lewis.
This is beautiful for those that experience the message, and nobody is telling where people fall on the political spectrum.
Individuals who are really looking forward to a new Harry Potter movie starring by the original cast are awaiting.
It seems unlikely to happen.
We have three more amazing Beast Films scheduled for theatres first, and it appears that something will be planned with the franchise that is broader before it will, but who knows is?