Mosquito State Review: Beau Knapp’s Perfection In His Latest Movie

Beau Knapp's latest movie, Mosquito state makes your ears itchy for sure!

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Filip Jan Rymsza’s recent work Mosquito sate has been up on the screen. While the movie sounds weird in the first look, in reality, it is more than just being weird. The director who has previously had an okayish career throughout his life has come up with something different. He might be wondering how to bring back the originality in the movie but unfortunately failed. 

Mosquito State is a kind of movie that will leave you blank, might be on a good side or a bad. After watching the movie, I was shocked! Literally shocked. It’s something that the director has tried to make different but this movie will leave you in suspense. 


The director has been criticized for his recent movie, Mosquito State, and received average ratings. Throughout the movie, the only thing that will make a big impact on you is the triggering mosquito sound. If the movie remembers for one thing that would be the irritating sound and the movie has succeeded in this thing. 

In this article, we’ll go to see the movie and review it. With this, it will help you save your time by not actually watching the movie and reading this article.  

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Mosquito State: Know Everything about it

Mosquito State

Mosquito State, which casts Beau Knapp as the main protagonist, has been dealing with several issues. The movie shows Beau as a Data Analyst who has been dealing with a lot of money by sharing and exchanging the stocks of the market. 

In the movie, Beau Knapp has been cast as Richard Boca, a young student who has a prestigious reputation in his college. He spends most of his time alone in his room and solving all the problems. 

Directed by Jan Rymsz, who has also worked with different creators and has a stable career so far. After the movie released its official Trailer, the fans got more excited to know about it. Without knowing the consequences. 

After Richard Boca started to get mediocre appreciation from his company and the place he works. With this in mind, he started to get tenser, and then out of nowhere a mosquito bit him. 

If you are not a big fan of unstable and weird images while watching a movie then this would not be the perfect match for you.

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Mosquito State Review

Mosquito State updates

If you are over the crazy psychological movie and want to explore more about this type of movie then there is no wrong in checking it. The audience loved the weird phenomenon of this movie and also praised it. While many others criticized the movie for being completely disgusting at one point. I believe that this new movie, mosquito state is quite a different one and has different ways of pulling it up.

However, the main lead of the movie Beau Knapp has amazingly performed from his site and managed to show us what a true psychological movie will look like. Talking about this, I have also adored the perfect balance of horror and suspense in the movie but somewhere the amount of mosquitos still makes me cringe. 

According to my, what makes the movie unique is the cast performance which i appreciable. The plot is okay and I wouldn’t say that it failed completely because there are still people who love it. I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t watch this movie at all, it is completely up to you and your choice. Who knows, you might like the movie at all. 

What are the ratings of this movie?

While the audience has been on the average side of this movie, critics didn’t really like it much. The IMDb rating of the movie is 5.9/10. The rotten tomatoes have rated the movie with 60% pf ratings and the Metacritics have also rated the movie with 51% of ratings. Overall the critics weren’t excited about the movie at all. 

On the other hand, the audience has been supporting the movie for so long.

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Wrapping Words

Mosquito State is a newly released movie that follows the story of an intelligent boy who gets interested in mosquitoes and their hatching. Released on 7 July, this movie was something weirdly criticized by people for its unusual plot. But what attracts the fans to this movie is the cast. Beau Knapp has amazingly performed his job as the main cast. If you are booking more updates regarding Hollywood movies then visit honknews and get all the recent updates by us.