Morbius The Vampire Is taking On Marvel’s Army

Morbius is also known as the Living Vampire which fights a squad of mutated minions in Marvel’s gory tale of gothic tragedy. And the fans thought that Melter was not a threat?

In the relentless hunt to cure the vampire curse, the research of Michael Morbius has fallen into the hands of a madman, with the twisted designs on transforming the world. With allies Spiderman and also a former friend that wants him dead, the philosopher with fangs fights for his very life in the latest Morbius The Living Vampire.


Since his youth in Greece, Dr. Michael Morbius has suffered for a rare blood disorder, and also his experiments into antidote transformed him into a bloodthirsty vamp. Yet, while the act of drawing blood from his prey allows him to revert to his human form, the scientist is wracked with chronic guilt and abhorrence over his craven, animalistic behavior.

Elizabeth’s ambitious schemes of vengeance go astray when she hired hand, the mercenary Melter absconds with Morbius’ experimental serum and injects it into unwilling sacrifices in the villain’s secret lair. Spawned from the Morbius’ serum, Melter’s human test subjects are also turned into hideous creatures: a giant cricket, a deformed pigeon man, a bat-like fiend, and a were-rat of impossible proportions. Like an animal cornered, Melter lashes out when confronted by Morbius and then injects himself with his modified serum.

The existential and the melancholic vampire, doomed by a ghastly blight of his blood, continues his search for a cure in Vita Ayala’s latest Morbius The Living Vampire, from Marvel Comics. Morbius the Living Vampire is also available now for digital download at Marvel and ComiXology, and a curbside-comic shop picks up near you.

  • Morbius the Living Vampire #5
  • Writer: Vita Ayala
  • Pencillers: Marcelo Ferreira and Francesco Mobili
  • Inkers: Roberto Poggi, JP Mayer, Scott Hanna
  • Colorist: Dono Sanchez-Almara
  • Cover Artist: Skan
  • For years, Michael Morbius has looked in the mirror and seen a monster. Thanks to his recent tampering with his genes, that horror has become a reality. Can his immortal bloodlust finally be satiated – and at what cost?

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