Monstrum 2 is a 4v1 game of hide-and-seek at sea


Monstrum, a procedurally constructed game of disguise, is getting a sequel that blows four more players into a monster’s maze. Monstrum 2, set up inside a sea fortress, will pit a group of four survivors against a monster, this time controlled by a player, chasing them down with them to cooperate so they can escape. The sea fort will change from game to game, so you will need to hunt hidden escape routes and get to know and take out the map ins every time.

Monstrum 2

You’ll be able to crawl around objects, destroy obstacles, climb around to find new avenues or ambush one of the sea monsters who are looking to make you their latest snack. For demons, the task seems a bit simpler. Hunt and kill all weak, fleshy humans. So all the time, the survivors spend solving puzzles and keeping plans together, getting closer to the monster, finding more time where they are hiding.


It feels like a nautical-themed Dead by Daylight, which recently added Scream’s Ghostface to its list of monsters. If a terrible sea creature chased me, I would love to do it with a group of people I can trust, and “I trust” the “I mean” sacrifice so that I can live and tell how brave the world was”.

Monstrum 2 is a game that is played with friends, but the Steam server promises games with an online curing population. The popularity of horror in gaming has increased due to the success of Dead by Daylight and similar survival-based cooperative games. With the influx of these style games, most serial killers are taking the approach.

Monstrum 2 promises to be a unique challenge for the gaming community and yet another skill to add to the collection. Junkfish has always been quick to update and maintain its game so that players can expect an active dev community.