Money Heist’s Ajay Jethi Money Heist Season 4, showing his favorite character from the show

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In an exclusive conversation with hook news, Ajay Jethi of Money Heist Season 4, showing his favorite character from the show. On working with Nairobi aka Alba Flores 12, he opened up.

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If there’s one show which has kept everyone hooked, it’s Netflix’s Money Heist Season 4. If the data in the streaming platform is known as, the fourth greatest audience, which is a big effort in itself has been enrolled by the drama.

We spoke to Ajay Jethi to feature in the series. Ajay plays with the role of Shakir, a hacker, and his character has left everyone. While we have been swooned by the Professor, we asked Ajay who’s his personality from the series.

“I enjoy Professor’s character. He is so fascinating. I also enjoy Berlin and Heinskin, then Nairobi and Raquel,” Ajay revealed. On working with Alba Flores he opened.

“I have worked with Nairobi aka Alba Flores before at a film called Vicente Ferrer, some 4-5 decades back. In reality, it was shot in Bengaluru.” He also shared that he had worked earlier Money Heist with the director Alex Pina.

Meanwhile, on the overwhelming love he has been receiving for the show, he explained, “On 4th April, before I could ask some buddy, I saw hashtags and messages from India and Pakistan for Shakir.

That’s when I realized that the character is being well received. It was so overpowering and such a happy feeling for me” Money Heist’s Season 4 published on April 3 on Netflix.