Money Heist Will Stockholm and Denver Break Up In Season 5?

Money Heist Season 5

Money heist has been an amazing quarantine mate. It would have been difficult to pass this time without this show. The show along with action had romance behind their masks.

Stockholm and Denver started dating in season 4 and have been a blast. Fans love the couple but they believe the breakup is soon gonna hit, and it will hit hard.

Stockholm and Denver’s relationship has been one of kind. In one of the episodes Denver was ordered to kill Monica, however, instead of killing her he shot her on the thigh and made others believe that he killed her.

Shooting your girlfriend on the thigh to save her life does sound romantic right? (Pun intended)

after the heist season 2 we saw Stockholm and Denver raising a son, Cincinnatti. his biological father was Arturo, and it was a blast when he returned in season 3.

Money Heist Season 5

Cincinnati’s parents were going through a tough time dealing with Arturo, as all he wanted to do was to break the couple up.

Firstly, Arturo sexually assaulted Stockholm in the washroom. For which he saw Denver’s rage, he beat up the hostage, moreover, the worst part was it was against professor’s rules.

Sadly after Stockholm beat him up Arturo was traumatized and said that she didn’t want her son to be raised by such a short-tempered father. In the next few episodes, they patched up but still had grudges.

Moreover, the actress playing Arturo dropped a lot of clues about which would be spoilers for you.

So stay tuned for more leaks and amazing news, but no spoilers.


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