Money Heist Season 5 Why would Raquel Murrilo Die?

Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist is a series that is extremely exciting and is adored by fans from all across the globe. the most loved Spanish crime drama these days us the thriller Money Heist.

All the past seasons were a super hit so the upcoming season is headed to arrive. The series which has a humongous fan base is a thriller in the genre and is among the top rundown on Netflix.


Each fan is figuring when will Money Heist Season 5 arrives at present. According to the reports, our favorite cast Professor will die in the upcoming season.

Release Date

There is no official announcement been made by the makers regarding the release date of the upcoming season. reports show up the creative work for season 5 has wrapped up.

The shooting of the series has been halted due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Fans can expect that the upcoming Season 5 will arrive soon regardless of the mentioned fact.

According to the reports Money Heist Season, 5 will arrive in April 2021. Netflix has not given any signs on the arrival of Season 5.

Money Heist Season 5

Will the Professor die in the fifth season of Money Heist

the primary cast behind the heist at the Bank of Spain is the Professor who is universally adored. He uncovered that he sees Professor sans his darling Raquel Murillo, who played as Lisbon in this crime based series in the ongoing meeting.

There is a likeliness that Raquel could hit him in his back and give him an explanation behind revenge. If everything is taken into account then it is one of the best primary purposes for the character. 

A theory suggests that Raquel could swindle the Professor so here we attain the potential purpose behind his death.

On the off chance, something might happen during the upcoming season that causes the noteworthy result, for instance, Raquel bamboozling him or declining to follow his series.