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Money Heist Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Season 4 Mistakes Fans didn’t Catch

Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist fans have seen every episode of the series. So, now they are rewatching the series. They have spotted a glaring issue with Denver’s identity and with his family.

Fans have seen season-4 earlier this year and they are waiting for the fifth season.


Netflix brought the demonstrated most recent season to an end with the group rejoining after a disturbing arrangement of scenes.

After Denver and Lisbon at long last discovered Tokyo and the rest of the individuals from the heist, they were anxious to proceed onward to the subsequent stage of their getaway with their companions and partners close by.

After watching the earlier episodes they got an issue with Denver and his real family. Denver is the first season told Monica which he was not supposed to say that is his name.

In an episode, he gets to know that his name was Ricardo.

Remarkable disclosure at that point, watchers have now called attention to this didn’t remain reliable during the remainder of the show.

Standing up on the web, a fan called attention to: “In season one Denver murmurs his name is Ricardo to Monica however in season four he is alluded to as Daniel/Dani by his father and Juanito/Julia.”

The fans were confused when Denver was referred to as Daniel by his family during the fourth season. So, the main thing is that Denver has both the names that are Ricardo and Daniel.

Despite all of this, these two names will be a huge mistake. The thing is that it can be a misdirect from Denver himself?

While the group was hindered from uncovering any insights regarding their own lives, Denver surrendered his name before long.

In any case, considering he was later alluded to like Daniel, would he be able to rather have given a bogus name to Monica?

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