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Money Heist Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything you must know

As the last season ended with huge suspense. The last episode’s ending made it clear that the next season will surely become.

It portrayed that Alicia, whose career ended after she was found guilty of attempted extortions on Rio, holding a gun towards the Professor.

Will she shoot? Or was the professor aware of it and he has already made a plan? Well, it seems that the doubts can only be cleared with the release of Season 5.

Plot ( Major Spoiler Warning)

Till yet the plot is concerned, and some fan-based theories suggest that Berlin’s wife Tatiana hadn’t shown her appearance after her wedding. There may be some chances that Tatiana and Alicia are the same people.

The audience already knows that Alicia told Raquel her husband’s died due to cancer. And Berlin died because he attempts to save the Professor from the police, and Tatiana got the news just after some time of marriage.

So that all points to the fact that Tatiana and Alicia may be the same person. And in a hope to rake revenge on professor she’ll reveal that.

Release Dates

The creators of the show haven’t had announced anything officially and confirmed for the release of Season 5. 

Howsoever, Netflix has to stop all the shooting for quite a while due to coronavirus pandemic. So, it seems that audiences can’t expect a release of Season 5 anytime sooner. After gathering much 

information we will be updating you guys as soon as we have them.

Cast will include Jaime Lorente, Úrsula Corberó, Itziar Ituño and many more

From the plot to cast the Audience love as equal to both. The show’s portrayal of actual heist takes place and the death of main characters, We have already lost Nairobi, Moscow, Oslo as well as Berlin. 

As of now the revealing of the expected cast is names start with the two with whom the last season ended i.e. Professor and Alicia. 

So from that we already know, Álvaro Morte will be reprising the role of The Professor and we will be seeing Najwa Nimri again playing as Alicia Sierra. 

Some other characters that will be cast in the Season 5 include Úrsula Corboró as Tokyo, Jaime Lorente as Denver while Itziar Ituño will be reprising Raquel Murillo. More will be seen again in Season 5.

The next season will be a must-watch for the fans as it will reveal many things about the past and future of the series.



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