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Money Heist Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything We know so far

Smash-hit box series Money Heist blew up on the global spotlight after being chosen up by Netflix in 2017. Few people realize that the original two seasons, while successful, failed to deliver viewership quantities domestically. 

So much so that the series, produced by Spanish box channel Antena 3, was finally binned. Shelved. No further. 


Suddenly the appearance started to snowball with a more extended audience and the cast and team were called following by the streaming giant to fuel the fire for another two explosive seasons.

Always since the release of Money Heist season 4, which released on Netflix April 3rd, we’ve continued asking the question that will there ever be a Money Heist season 5?

Is Money Heist Season 5 confirmed?

In brief, yes. Netflix would be delivering money down the drain if they didn’t hold on with one of their several popular originals of all-time.

While not confirmed by the top honchos at Netflix HQ themselves presently, however, Spanish site Marca has now stated that both a Money Heist season 5 and season 6 have been approved.

The show’s producer, Jesús Colmenar, has also declared the greenlight of Money Heist season 5 at the most limited, telling Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia that there is continuing to be the fifth season.

What will the fifth season of Money Heist be regarding?

Due to the creation of the show’s production, observers have instantly seen two separate heists, several spanning beyond two seasons for a total of four parts. 

While the first heist added or short went to plan, the related can’t be maintained for how we started things inside the Bank of Spain at the point of season 4.

Nairobi’s achievement was a main riff in the closing episodes, smashing the center team and increasing the chaos inside the series even further.

Then arrived the extraction of Raquel from the powers which noticed her dramatically re-enter the bank, while the Professor was concurrently created by rogue police manager Alicia Sierra.

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