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Money Heist Season 5 Professor Might Betray Lisbon In A Shocking Twist

Money Heist Season 5: Professor Might Betray Lisbon In A Shocking Twist.

The viewers of the show have witnessed all the show’s bank robbers sticking by one another throughout the four seasons so far, but the fans have now come to believe that The Professor will go on to betray his team.

More specifically, a new theory has emerged to suggest he is going to turn on Lisbon in a huge twist.

The fans of the show have been brought to the edge of their seats in the latest season of the Netflix show as their ploy in the Royal Mint, once again, did not go as planned.

The Professor has been a constant surge of support for his team, trying to give his gang both the plans and the means to extract their robberies without fail.

Despite this, the gang has always hit upon some drastic situations. While this was not always the fault of the Professor, he has always been on the side of his team no matter what happened.

Money Heist Season 5

One of the major flaws in his plan, however, was when he had started a romantic relationship with former inspector Raquel Murrillo also known as Lisbon.

The Professor himself, in the beginning, had demanded that the team should not keep any romantic and personal relationships at bay during their working together, he then ended up going against his advice.

Now, the fans of the show have been speaking out about how The Professor is going to conclude his story.

If the Professor was keen to go back to his normal life after the heists are over, would he then turn away from his new friends, and indeed his new loved Lisbon?

Lisbon would be devastated by this, as she changed a lot of aspects in her life just to follow The Professor into his next mission.

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