Money Heist Season 5 Expected Release Date and Is Alvaro Morte Returning For Upcoming Season


The multiple-record breaking series of Netflix Money Heist is possibly returning for its fifth season. Netflix officially has not announced anything to that effect but given the records that this Money Heist Season 5 created and the amount of profit it generated for the studio, it should not surprise anyone if another season is on the cards. In fact, it would be surprising if Netflix does not come up with another season of Money Heist.

The fourth season of this massively popular TV series ended with a teasing cliffhanger. We saw the Professor at gunpoint, thus complicating matters. Is the Professor returning? Or is his game over? Fans are eager for the answers to these questions and for Netflix to answer these fans, another season of Money Heist is a must.

What is known so far:

Money Heist Season 5 Expected Release Date


According to some sources, the pre-production had already begun in October 2019. But as said, there was no official statement yet. Moreover, the pandemic scenario has pushed back the schedule.

However, recently, Alvaro Morte, who famously played the role of the Professor in the series, through his Instagram account, announced that he was returning as the Professor. He captioned the post as “I’m back. The Professor is back”.

Also, early in July, Alex Pina, the writer of the show, took to social media to declare that he was writing for the fifth season of Money Heist.

Not just Pina and Morte, Pedro Alonso, famous for playing Berlin, also teased the fans when he said that he was returning to play the character once again. From all these, it is safe to assume that despite the fact that Netflix has not issued an official notice, the fifth season of Money Heist is a very clear possibility.

The series Money Heist Season 5 so far

Professor assembles a group of people to rob two famous and wealthy and highly-secured places in Spain. The team-members all go by the code names of various cities, in order to conceal their true identities. What follows is a series of bone-chilling adventures as police officers join hands with them in order to assist them in their attempt at the robbery.