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Money Heist Season 5: Creators Explained Why Arturo is hated so much throughout the series

Money Heist Season 5: After the huge success of La Casa de Papel Season 4 it is expected that Money Heist season 5 will get a nod to be released from Netflix.

The fans of Netflix original Money Heist are united in their hate for the character of Arturo Roman which is played by Enrique Arce who has been in the show since the first part. The creators of the show are constantly teasing as to why the character is so important to this Netflix hit.



Arturo has been annoying viewers and fans ever since Money heist gang first took over the Royal Mint of Spain way back in season 1. When the gang reunited the former manager turned hostage who survived the first heist before making an appearance once again.

The latest season of the show was released at the beginning of April in which his character took the worst turn. His fellow hostage Amanda was raped and assaulted by him much to the horror of the fans. An attempt was made by him to lead an ill-fated rebellion among the hostages itself.

Why Arturo is hated so much throughout the series

The secret heist member and fellow hostage was quick enough to put this to rest. Before he vowed that he would face justice for his criminal offences she shot him in the leg in the final episode. Viewers were left wondering that will this be an end for Arturo or will he back for another season.

The creators have hinted that the character will stay in the Netflix documentary Money Heist. For the makers of the show, the character is a main factor behind the success of the show. He said: “He represents the meanness within all of us.”

“You recognise certain base passions of the viewers themselves in Arturo – and that’s why you can’t stand him.”

The star himself Enrique Arce agreed, adding: “He’s the most human.

“And it makes us really mad when our shame is pointed out to us.”

Executive producer Esther Martinez Lobato added: “He’s just so deplorable, you feel like adopting him. “Everything he does is really crazy, risky and surprising, that makes it funny.”

As executive producer Javier Gomez Santander said: “He’s abominable, but you love to hate him.” Nothing sure-shot can be said about the story for Arturo. It seems that the character will stay weather you love him or hate him.



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