Money Heist Season 5 Confirmed Lisbon star drops major hints

Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist Season 5 aka La Casa De Papel is one of the trending top-most shows of Netflix. There are four successful seasons of the show. 

Fans have been waiting for Season 5 of the show. Finally here comes the breaking news about Money Heist Season 5. Find out!


Is Money Heist renewed for Season 5?

Initially, the fans were in confusion about whether the show is renewed or canceled. Also, there was no confirmation about the same by Spanish Netflix or the makers of the show. Now, it is confirmed that Money Heist is renewed for Season 5.

What the stars have to say about Season 5?

A new video is released in which the top casts of the show have confirmed the coming of Season 5. The production of the show is going to start in a while which was put to a halt due to the pandemic situation.

Alvaro Morte plays the role of The Professor says he is very excited for Season 5 as the cast will be united.

Money Heist Season 5

Lisbon star Itziar throws a big hint about the upcoming sequel of Money Heist. She says the Bank Robbery of the gang will end in the upcoming season.

This indicates that Season 5 will decide who will survive and who will not. Few rumors show that only Tokyo will survive of the bank robbery. 

And this could be seen from the fact that Tokyo is the one who is narrating the story because she is the only survivor. But how much truth is there in these rumors will only be known when Season 5 will arrive.

Till then let’s wait patiently as the result will be exciting for sure.

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