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Money Heist Season 4 Will Release on Netflix on April 3, 2020, And Fans Are Going Crazy

The hit Spanish TV series by Álex Pina is widely seen on Netflix with all types of streaming services. Money Heist is the most famous non-English series ever. We can assume that there is no doubt why this growing criminal series has won awards.

He won the best drama at the International Emmy Awards and also at the Premios Fénix.


After the release was announced, Pina discussed in one interview that it was not an easy task and there were many reasons to abandon the plan.

This is a short series that talks about looting and consequences. On the other hand, the main characters become millionaires, and it is difficult to force them to return this action.

This is not possible from a distance. We realize that this series is a band with different characteristics that represent a perfect robbery.

Money Heist Season 4 Release Date

We honestly can’t wait for this Spanish series to hit the screens and amaze the watchers. 

Netflix has verified that Season 4 of ‘Money Heist’ or as the Spanish name says ‘La Casa de Papel’ will formally premiere on April 3, 2020.

Teaser/Trailer For Season 4:

Adding extra exciting information and suspense which came with the tagline “Let the chaos begin,” and it was announced and unveiled at Comic-Con in Brazil.

When it moves towards the end, it features a dramatic scene or mugshot of Nairobi (Alba Flores).

It hints that she can be alive even though we have the mystery of her death in the previous season. This new information is enough to anticipate the viewers.

What Can Happen In Season 4?

Everything will turn around completely. Professor, Lisbon and the thief will face the altar situation.

If something goes wrong, the professor is always ready with a backup plan – but this time he can change completely. He will run out of choices.

His love for Lisbon and others for the rules that had been violated led him astray.

Season 4 will be a bet.

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