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Money Heist Season 4: When is ‘La Casa De Papel’ is coming on Netflix, 4 Theories That Make The New Season More Anticipating




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Spanish heist crime drama, Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel, is created by Alex Pina. It first aired on the Spanish network, Antena 3, in May 2017.

In late 2017, Netflix got its streaming rights, and it was available worldwide. Since then, it has seen nothing but fame.

The second season came out in October 2017 and the third season in July 2019.

Money Heist is the recipient of many awards and nominations. In 2017, it was nominated for six nominations and two awards. In 2018, it had received five nominations and seven awards. In 2019, up until now, the series has won five awards.

The series was filmed in Madrid, Panama, Thailand, and Florence. Money Heist is an involving drama.

There are many twists and turns. It is a whole another level of planning a clever heist where the execution is crucial with no loose ends. Things can go wrong in a big heist, and it always does.

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The last season was spectacular, and it left the viewers on a cliffhanger. The heist had gone wrong. It was not well put together as in season2.

Professor had put all of the gang in danger. Nairobi was shot and left bloodied. The gang still tried to finish the heist. In the next season, it will pick where it left off.

Actress of the show has revealed that the gang will face many difficulties in the bank. There is an enemy inside. She says that it is best than the last season.

The actress said that fans would not be disappointed. She did not say anything further because of Netflix.

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The release date of season 4 was still a mystery until Rodrigo de la Serna dropped the bomb that Money Heist will be back on 18th January 2020.

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Netflix has not confirmed anything about this release date, but this is all we have.

Alice (Najwa Nimri) Is Tatiana (Diana Gomez)

This theory doesn’t make much sense, but the official Spanish Netflix Twitter account has already mentioned this theory also. Redditors have debated with the inspector that Alicia Sierra is the same person as Berlin (Perdo Allonso’s) ex-girlfriend (Tatiana).

Both characters are played by different actresses. We know before he leaves that Berlin informs Tatiana concerning the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain, and this thing is confirmed by the flashback. And Tatiana herself is a burglar, and this is somehow sure that she would not assist the police unless she worked as an undercover.

Nairobi Isn’t Dead

Nairobi doesn’t die on the display, she loses her consciousness but does not depart this world. She loses her consciousness after dying in the arms of Helsinki in Season 3 and being shot by a sniper. This stems from the circumstances of her injury.

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The Gang Runs Away From The Royal Bank By Causing A Popular Revolt

There’s not any official theory about this, but everybody online revolves around the Professor’s remark on warfare. The main cause of the revolt for the heists was to divide the authorities’ attention.

Tokyo Is The Only One Left Alive In The End

Tokyo took us throughout the heists by the hand. We have a close and intimate view of the activity, as she tells the story of her teammates and the Professor. However, what is going to happen if the story she’s telling is the last, and it’s being recounted by her as the only survivor?

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