Money Heist is one of the greatest shows that one will ever see in their life. This series is the most loved and it is a Spanish series with crime thriller drama and the fourth season is about to return to Netflix.

This series also has a unique title of Casa Del Papel, this word means the area of the paper. The show is about the biggest heist that ever took place in the whole history. This show revolves around the man known as Professor, who makes a team of eight people who have nothing left to lose.


The very main mission of this team is to steal from the Royal Mint Of Spain and also print it 2.4 billion dollars.

The trailer for the fourth season is out and the trailer is everywhere in social media by now. So we are expecting that many of the watchers and the fans of this sho have watched the show’s trailer by now. The trailer made for their fourth part is very good and there is some story that they are wanting to tell the viewers but they will understand only when they see the actual ones.

The plot of this series revolves around prison masterminds who always plan and try to execute the theft. The execution that they do can be very much understood by the way the leader recruits the members of his team from the beginning. He always recruits people who have nothing left to lose.

The fans are pretty much and we can expect more from the fans itself about the new series or the new season for this series. The first two seasons for this series were set in Madrid and there it was showcased how the robbers planned their theft and took the hostages.
The robbers there used the codenames as a town to ensure that they do not get stuck anywhere. The show performed so and so well that they had to come out with season three and four became so much obvious to come for the fans of this show.

Season four of this series got its release date on 3rd April 2020 and the fans are excited about it.