Money Heist Season 4: Netflix La Casa De Papel Crime Drama Release Date, New Cast, Everything You Should Know


This shooting of Season 4 of La Casa de Papel was finally over in August. They announced as the last season, and the actors were quite upset about the news. The release date would likely be announced by the actor. There is a chance it would release around January 2020 On Netflix. As per the sources, it would be January 18 precisely.

The actor (Rodrigo de la Serna) who casts Palermo in for Cadena 3 told Argentine media – “The fourth season of La Casa de Papel has a release date scheduled for January, we are delighted.” For now, Netflix has not confirmed anything, and we must rely on this information, hoping Netflix would release information in a while. As a reminder, season 3 was a disaster. The plan of the Professor was not as well put together as in season 2, which endangered the whole team. There is still a season, and it is not safe that the Professor finds a new parade to get out.


On the other side, Itziar Ituno ensures not to be aware that a fifth component and sixth component are scheduled as declared by the Spanish media Formula Television. At this time, no confirmation has come from the streaming platform. Sources revealed that the gang of robbers would have to face ‘a great enemy inside the bank’.

“I can not say anything else; Netflix is killing me. I can tell you that it’s going to be more striking than before. The storylines will get stronger and stronger, with more action and unexpected twists.” Reveals the forty-five-year-old Basque actress.

The stars of the show have reported 18th January 2020 as the date of premiere, however, Netflix has not yet announced any further details regarding the fourth season of the show. However, fans need not worry because the fourth season is definitely happening! According to sources, the filming of the upcoming season is also complete.

Too Many Upcoming Twists and Turns In The Fourth Season!

The show will take up from where it left off in the third season. The professor confessed his love for Libson, right after his confession she was arrested. The show has left behind a lot of cliff hangers and it seems like the wait won’t be long for the fourth season.