Money Heist Season 5

Netflix is again back with The Paper House, which is also known as “Money Heist” season 4. Hence there are some facts related to the Upcoming series of Netflix.

There are so many questions related to the new season of Money Heist, and one of the most important questions is that when is the new season 4 of Money heist will be released on Netflix? But unfortunately, Netflix or anyone from the show has not announced anything about the on-air date of the series. But after the previous three seasons releasing history, we all expect that the season 4 of Money Heist would be on Netflix in January in 2020.



On the other side, many rumours are spreading that this season of Money Heist will be the last one in Netflix. And the fans are expecting the story of Money Heist to wrap up for the least this Heist by the end of the next season after watching the previous season of story. And the next question is that Netflix renewed this season for their fans? The answer to this is yes, and the official Netflix social media account very much confirms it.

There is no trailer of the series yet, but we can stream the third season to get one of the possible sides of the third season, as well as the cast of the previous one, is very much ready to come back with season 4 on our screen again. We know that Netflix will come out with the trailer of this new series as soon as possible.

The other exciting news for the fans here is that Alex Pina confirmed that the filming production directly followed part 3, which was concluded earlier this year. This means that we all can expect part 4 to be added to Netflix in due course. According to a news source, the current date of the release date of this series is given on January 18th.
However, there is no, or there is nothing more revealed about the new season 4 respectively.