The famous model Mama Cax has recently died at the age of thirty after she was surviving with cancer and a very brief stay in the hospital.

The model was born Cacsmy Brutus posted the sad news on the model’s Instagram account this Friday, saying that it is very deep regret and it a very sad thing that they announced the passing of Cacsmu Brutus who is also known as Mama Cax. She spent the past week in the hospital, and very, unfortunately, on Monday, December 16th the model left the world.


The model was a very good fighter she fought till her last breath. As a cancer survivor, the model had grown accustomed to taking on life’s several challenges head-on and successfully. It is with that same grit or fervor that the model fought her last days on Earth.

Mama Cax

The loss of this very beautiful woman or we can say the model will be felt globally and the loss will not be very easy for anyone on this Earth, or the people who were close to her and her family and her friends as well. The thirty-year-old Haitian-American was diagnosed with a very serious bone and lung cancer at just 14 years old. She underwent a hip replacement surgery that was unfortunately very much unsuccessful and as a result, her right leg was amputated.

The model’s official cause of death was not determined, the model when she was alive she had stated that she was experiencing severe stomach pain and that several blood clots had been found throughout her whole body which did not seem good.

The famous singer Rihanna was among the celebrities to pay the tribute to the model, she tweeted a good and a very touching statement for the late model. It is a very sad day for the fans of her and her family and friends too. Yes, we know that she was a fighter, who fought for her life and this also shows women empowerment.