Steve Harvey had flashbacks of the year 2015 all over again announcing the wrong winner of Miss Universe’s costume contest but the anchor or Steve is blaming the screw-up on the teleprompter.

Before to Sunday’s winner being crowned Harvey revealed that the winner of the 2019 costume contest.


Reading this from a prompter, Steve Harvey announced Philippines as the last winner or the final winner, the audience as soon as they heard this they cheered, but the women who was wearing the costume seemed very confused.

The women then came forward and grabbed the mic from Steve, and she corrected him saying she was actually represented Malaysia.

At this moment of time we could see that Steve was pissed, and he pointed out the prompter he was reading from clearly stated Philippines as the winner, Steve followed it up with a You all gonna quit doing this to me.

It was back in the year 2015 when the anchor Steve had announced the wrong winner Miss Columbia as Miss Universe when Philippines was the actual champion at that moment of time it was later on corrected by others.

He made note of the flub at the beginning of the Sundays show, which was Steve’s fifth time hosting the Miss Universe event.

He made quite a mistake and he has been making it for a couple of years this thing should be changed as soon as possible or else there will be a lot of confusion during the event.

The set up should be made in a good and a proper way so that this kind of mistakes does not happen anytime.

For what it’s worth there were no mess ups in announcing South Africa overall winner of Miss Universe at the end of the show and the night as well.

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