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Mismatched 2: Confirmed Release Date, Official Trailer And Plot

What Happens when Dimple Met Rishi? They definitely fall in love but the love remains one-sided. The new romantic series of Netflix Mismatched will tell you how one person can fall completely in love after seeing a picture of the girl. The movie follows Dimple and Rishi and their love story through ups and downs. 

The first season of the movie was already released on 20th November 2020. After the series aired its 6 episodes, the audience fell in love with the character. Surely the movie received mixed reviews but still, the viewership of the series increased significantly. You can understand Mismatched more like The Kissing Booth. As Kissing Booth was released on Netflix, people started to love the overall concept but as it released more of its season the overall rating decreased but still, the viewership remained the same. 


There are some people who criticized the show for not being that amazing and full of cringe that doesn’t make any sense. The ratings of the first season were typically very low. Both the audience and critics have rated the low with the lowest ratings. All these things were enough to make the audience believe that there would be no more season. 

Despite the show being at the low ratings, Netflix renewed the series back for Season 2. In this article, we’ll see all the given updates of this romantic story of Rishi and Dimple and how they meet through their ups and downs. If you are a big fan of Prajakta and have a big crush on Rohit then this is your stop. Keep scrolling the article to know everything about the upcoming Netflix Mismatched. 

Mismatched: The Netflix Romantic Series!

Netflix’s Mismatched is based on the best-selling novel by Sandhya Menon 2017 “When Dimple Met Rishi”. The movie casts famous Indian YouTuber Prajatka Koli and girl crush Rohit Saraf as the main lead. 

The first season of Mismatched was released back in 2020 on Netflix and it immediately topped the chart and became the Top 10 most-watched of the day. Fans were happy to see the romantic love story of the college students and the story was already attractive. 

Another thing that makes the fans excited is the cast. Starring all the big and well-known Tv celebrities, Mismatched became popular. Even the series stars Ranvijay from roadies who already got a lot of Fanbases. 

As the series came to its final ending, we saw that things didn’t work out with Dimple and Rishi. The last episodes were up and down and the ending literally surprised everyone. As the season came to its final episode, the audience knew that there are still a lot of things left to know. The story of the favorite couple left untold. 

Mismatched Storyline: What happened So far?

Note- this section contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched the first season of Mismatched then you would get to know everything here. 

The series starts with Dimple, a simple girl who is passionate about learning the Java language. Through her summer vacation, she somehow managed to make her father agree to enroll in a famous college that allows the student to learn the IT language. 

Dimple’s father is a jolly person who loves her only daughter but on the other hand, her mother is a typical Indian mother, she doesn’t like the idea of marrying and force Dimple to settle with a good guy. Even She insists on wearing makeup so that she looks beautiful, here we’ll see how society still doesn’t like the dusky and black skin and in their opinion, White is the only beautiful thing. 

After much practice, Dimple manages to make her mother convinced for enrolling in Jaipur College. Her mother might be a little strict but she still loves her daughter. We will not go through how Dimple manages to take admission.

Coming to Rishi, a prince of Jaipur who believes in love at first sight and even loves the arranged marriage concept. As her grandmother shows her the girls’ pictures which are mainly makeup and filters.

But when she saw Dimple, she found her cute. Her genuine smile and cute face make him fall for her. After asking her grandmother, he finds out that she is coming to the Jaipur in his nearby college. 

The first-day Dimple threw coffee over Rishi because she called her Future wife. The story moves forward in we see that their relationship grew over time. 

Mismatched Season 2: Is it Coming?

The first seasons of Mismatched ended with Rishi and Dimple being separated. I truly hated the fact of how everything looks at the ending. We saw that the two best friends broke up and Dimple even spilled about Namrata’s sexuality. Through all these things, I really felt bad about Namrata because she was the one who went through a lot of things. 

The ending scenes were pretty dramatic, which saw Rohit leaving the college and Dimple kissing Harsh and Rohit has already seen these two while kissing. 

All these things have just created much confusion inside the hades of the audience and we all were waiting to see what happens next. Netflix has officially renewed the series for its second season this year. 

The news was officially confirmed by Netflix. If you are an active fan of Mismatched and follow the star cast then you would know what is happening. The cast has already started to prepare for the Mismatched season 2 and the shooting has already started. 

Netflix has just released Never Have I Ever Season 2 and it has just been renewed for season 3. Read everything about the series and get to know about the college romantic movie.

Mismatched Season 2 Release Date: When it is Releasing?

In the recent updates of the Star cast, it was revealed that the production of Mismatched Season 2 has started. Prajatka Kholi has recently updated her Instagram story of her putting the makeup on for Dimple. 

With all these things, it is confirmed that the movie will soon be coming on. The officials have just released the statement of renewing season 2 of Mismatched but there is nothing much revealed.

There is no confirmation about the release date of the movie, but it is concluded that the web series will release at the end of this year or might be at the starting of the next year. As season 1 follows the release of November, there are pretty high chances the movie will also release somewhere in the Winter. 

We are still waiting for the official news so that we can comment more on the topic. Until the officials reveal any updates, we recommend you to stream Season 1 of Mismatched.

Mismatched Season 2 Cast: Who is returning back?

So far, there are no updates about anycast to leave the show. In Prajakta’s official Instagram story, she has uploaded the pictures of literally everyone that concludes everything. Mismatched follows the two teenage people who are completely opposite of each other. 

Dimple is a young woman who wants to master the language of Jawa whereas Rishi just wants to settle with the girl of her dreams. The character of Dimple is played by the youtube sensation Rrajatka Kholi and Rishi is played by Rohit Saraf. 

In this section, we’ll be mentioning the cast and the characters of the college romance series. 

Is there any Official trailer for the Series?

The official trailer of Mismatched isn’t released yet. The production of the series has just started to take off and there is no release date scheduled for it. As for now, there is no official Trailer of Mismatched Season 2. If you are new to this series then you must watch the official trailer of season 1. Here is the official trailer of Mismatched season 1 and you should definitely watch the series. 

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