Minecraft Dungeons: Everything we know about the action-RPG spin-off


Minecraft Dungeons is set in a similar world as the block-breaking sandbox we know and love, and the workmanship style is nearly the equivalent, however as a game, it is an altogether different animal. A new method, a new engine, new mechanics, new items, original story – this is a complete rethink of the tried and tested Minecraft formula.

Hands-on and dev interviews with slices of Minecraft Dungeons at E3 gave us a steady drip of new information about Minecraft Dungeons release dates, gameplay, and more. You don’t have to wander the internet to read all those birds, because we have stopped them at one place.


Here’s something you all need to know about the Minecraft Dungeons.

Fast Facts on Minecraft Dungeons
Style: Dungeon Crawler. Think Diablo 3 or Path of Exile.
Multiplayer: Drop-in multiplayer for up to four players.
Crossplay: Possibly PC and Xbox Crossplay, but no guarantee for other platforms.
Mode: The team is “exploring” the possibility of a player-created dungeon.
Loot Boxes: No loot boxes. No micro trans. Only in sports currency.

Minecraft Dungeons, What Exactly Is It?

World of Minecraft features an isometric action-RPG set, created by Mojang using Unreal Engine 4. It is partly inspired by Diablo 3 and other “classic dungeon crawlers”, and has a heavy emphasis on loot and war. You will explore the level of procedurally generated branches with three friends, smoothing mobs, solving simple riddles (buttons and levers), and preparing your characters. You will battle above and below ground in many biomes.

Minecraft Dungeons

Release date of the Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons will be out in April 2020.
It will cost $20, or you can pay $30 for the base game and pass a season for two pieces of DLC. It also has a lot to offer in just four minutes of Minecon’s new gameplay. Above all, as stated by one of the presenters, Minecraft Dungeons should be familiar to players.

You will recognize breast like skeletons and zombies as to how you would expect them based on your experience of playing vanilla Minecraft. The gear has charms that will likely sound familiar.
For new elements: A player summons a llama companion who walks around them and helps attack enemies.

Those players also take on a robbery mob called “Pigibank” who has a treasure on their back. Some enemies, as in standard Minecraft, pose with armor and weapons for an additional challenge.