We knew this couple for quite a long time and now their story is something different. Miley Cyrus and her husband Liam Hemsworth have worked out all the details of their divorce some source tells us this. The sources of ours directly managed or connected to Liam and Miley, that their lawyer will file the documents this Tuesday declaring the two have then settled their divorce.

The divorce is said to have been marked by significant bitterness on both sides, but that seems to have subsided as they decided its more and better to move on than having a bad fight. It was not difficult for them to ultimately settle up. They have no kids, she will keep the animals and their sources tell us there’s a prenup so dividing the property was not all that tough.


The lawyers behind the settlement disco queen Laura Wasser repping Liam and Judith R. Forman repping Miley were able to quietly work through the very hard stumbling blocks and to submit their paperwork to the judge. It has come under our notice and we got the report that Liam’s the one who filed the divorce back in August, it seems like that he does not want to continue this relation anymore. The man or the actor citing irreconcilable differences.

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We also have got some news that the divorce that they wanted to do won’t become final for at least six months after they have filed for the divorce. By our calculation, the ex-couples should be single by March and that is next year.

After that, they will be separated and live their own life. Let’s hope the best for their upcoming life and let’s hope that they stay happy in their own life.

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