Mike Tyson “dies” on a psychotic frog


Mike Tyson has met many strong boxers during his boxing career, but his strongest rivals were probably poisoned by psychic frogs. The 55-year-old former heavyweight champion said he was “dead” for the first time after using a frog venom. 

“On my journey, I did it because death is beautiful. Life and death should be beautiful, but death is a sign of evil. The sheep have taught me that I will not stay here forever. “Have stamina,” Tyson Dave told a conference in New York Post-Wonderland, psychology, microdose and medicine in Miami. 


The “legend” was Bufo Alvarez, an amphibian from Mexico known as the Sonoran Desert Frog. Seven months a year, it hides underground, but when activated, the poison can be drunk to provide a brief psychological experience.

Tyson said he first tried alcohol and drugs four years ago when he was 100 years old. A friend of his suggested he tries a frog venom and Tyson liked it. “I did it bravely,” Tyson recalls. “I use hard drugs, like cocaine, why not? This is another dimension. Before I did frogs, I was a wreck. The fiercest opponent I have ever met. I have low self-esteem. 

People with high egos often have low self-esteem. We use our ego to subsidize it. The plants were gone. Tyson told the New York Post that he was now 53 times, sometimes even three times a day. He said he lost 100 pounds in three months, resumed boxing and re-established his relationship with his wife and children. “People see the difference [in me],” he said. “Then it caught our eye. If you had known me in 1989, you would have known someone else. My mind is not so modern as to understand what happened, but life is Refined. The goal of the frogs is to reach their maximum potential. I see the world differently. 

We are all one. “Everything is love.” Tyson also became a supporter of frog poisoning and psychopathology. “I am trying to make psychotherapy available without a prescription,” he said. “I’m not done yet. I want to do more. “I want to be the best on the field.”