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Microsoft’s Surface Go 2 will have Wi-Fi 6 for lightening fast wireless internet

Microsoft’s Surface Go 2 ought to be launched imminently, later in May, and when it (hopefully) does appear, it will have an Intel Wi-Fi 6 connector which should make for much faster wireless speeds in addition to an advancement on the battery life front.

This is likely by a different FCC filing that has been spotted, as Windows Latest reports for a portable computing device’ which is rumoured to have a version number corresponding to Microsoft’s variant of this Surface Move 2 with LTE support.

Microsoft’s Surface Go 2 Wi-Fi 6


If all of that lines up as suggested, the filing indicates that the Surface Move 2 will provide Wi-Fi 6 courtesy of Intel’s Wi-Fi AX200 adapter, providing that newest Wi-Fi standard (previously called 802.11ax — the next step on from 802.11ac) in addition to Bluetooth 5.0.

The AX200 supports 2×2 Wi-Fi, and the fantastic news for Wi-Fi 6 is that it has a significant blessing on the battery front, namely Wake Time technology that is Goal.

This means the host device doesn’t have to be listening to wireless signals — that the adapter can communicate with the router and also wake up only when it’s needed to transmit information — which will translate into savings that are power-usage, and therefore superior battery.

As you are probably aware, Wi-Fi also means greater wireless functionality in comparison to this previous-gen standard, and what’s more, enhanced performance in compact environments packed with Wi-Fi signals (along with other signal noise) like flat blocks.

Surface Book 3 flow

Microsoft's Surface Go 2
Lending this credence is the fact that a comparable Surface Novel 3 leak was recently spotted in the form of an FCC filing that suggests that this hybrid may also utilize Wi-Fi 6 — assuming that guesses on the model name leading are correct. Wi-Fi would pretty much be an expected update, although to be fair.

The Display


As to the other alleged hardware specs of this Surface Move 2, we have already seen lots of escapes, and rumour has it that the tablet may likely increase the display size marginally to 10.5-inches (from 10-inches), while keeping the overall chassis size exactly the same (that the bezels will be thinner). If reports are to be considered, the resolution of the display is set to be flashed into 1,920 x 1,280-pixels.

We have also heard that the Surface Go 2 will arrive from LTE and non-LTE variants, with a choice of 2 processors: Intel’s Pentium 4425Y and the Core m3-8100Y.

Microsoft's Surface Go 2

While the initial word from the grapevine in the form of purported prices via an Italian merchant indicated the sequel may be more expensive, we have since heard that the Go two is likely to keep exactly the same pricing strategy as the initial Surface Go.

Needless to say, whether or not any of this is accurate remains to be seen, even though there’s now a lot of proof with FCC filings, and for the specs of the Surface Move 2 trickling through, there is a May start looking also.



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