Michael Fayne Is Dead in Netflix’s Series V Wars


The result of an ancient virus releasing into the world ends with a lot of people thirsting for human blood. V Wars follows Dr. Luther Swann’s (portrayed by Ian Somerhalder) journey as he accidentally stumbles upon an old pathogen in the Arctic with his “brother” Michael Fayne (played by Adrian Holmes).

While Luther is immune to the unknown disease, unfortunately, Michael is not.


The group of individuals infected by this virus come to be known as Bloods.

Michael, after being infected, becomes patient zero and soon experiences abnormal strength, speed healing and the hunger to tear humans’ throats out and drink their blood. With the discharge of the pathogen released, others soon become infected with the vampire disease.

Since Michael was the first reported case, he becomes the leader of the vampire clan which has been dubbed Blood Nation.
However, the season finale of Netflix’s series ends with a major cliffhanger. A flash-forward also reveals that Michael has been executed and there is a new leader of the Blood Nation.

In the finale of season 1, Michael’s second in command, Ava, played by Sydney Meyer, appears to be betraying him and drugs him with Carfentanyl, which is said to be stronger than Fentanyl.

The dealer tells Ava that he believes this will start shut down a vampire’s nervous system and make that person think they are sick.

During the episode, Michael begins to experience signs f weakness an he is not able to heal.

While Michael tries to maintain the peace between humans and Bloods with his friend Luther. He agrees that no vampire should legally be able to feed on humans and there will be a free blood substitute provided to every person infected.

However, when the Blood Substitute is drunk willingly by nearly 20,000 vampires, they immediately die, which causes mass hysteria.

Vampires of Blood Nation think that the government has tried to kill them. But Michael believes his friend, Luther is innocent. With the patient zero still in a weakened state, Ava takes control of the camp and ambushes Michael. This results in him being taken into a van as Ava makes other Bloods believe that their former leader betrayed their kind.

Of episode 10 shows the world four months into the future and Ava is shown on national television where she announces the new leader of Blood Nation, a former Department of National Security scientist Calix Nikolos (Peter Outerbridge).

It is also revealed that Michael has been executed for his treason to Blood Nation.

Since Michael was not killed on screen, so it is hard to believe that he is truly dead.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet greenlit the series for an additional season. However, fans of the graphic novel are hopeful because there is so much more material to pull from.

And V-Wars ended on a major cliffhanger, which featured Dr. Luther ready to kickass and get his son Dez (Kyle Breitkopf) back with the help of another species of vampire known as the Vourdalaks.

Fans of the series wish to know whether Michael was really executed?

Also, the big bad wolf of the show, Calix informed Americans that he had poisoned the water supply in over 10 cities and it is expected that almost 30 million people would transform into vampires.

Therefore, increasing their numbers and accelerating the wars between Vampires and Humans.
You can stream V Wars on Netflix.