Metro 4 (Metro 2035): Release Date, Expectations, and Insights From the Author

Description: Are you most looking forward to Metro 4 (Metro 2035) and want to know more about the game? This article will look at the author’s ideas, expectations, and when the game will be available for sale.

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Metro 4 (Metro 2035) – Everything You Need To Know

4A Games is the first Ukrainian studio to develop high-level video games. The company became famous for the release of post-apocalyptic games in the Metro series. Since the release of “Metro 2033,” fans have been eagerly awaiting new Metro games. Rumors that programmers are developing a new part of Metro have been around for a long time. However, for the first time, these guesses were confirmed by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Dmitry Glukhovsky is the author of the novels, based on which the developers have created three games in the Metro series. On June 12, 2015, “Metro 2035” appeared on the shelves of bookstores. It was then that they started talking about the author again and began to invite him to various television shows.

Only in August 2019, in an interview, he announced that a new Metro game was being prepared based on the novel. Blogger Anton Logvinov, for whom Dmitry Glukhovsky gave an interview, noticed that the author did not name the company developing the game and expressed great hope that it would be 4A Games. Therefore, we will answer the worrying question of all Metro fans – Will there be a 4th Metro game? Definitely yes!

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Game Announcement From Developers

In the same year, one of the local news channels interviewed 4A Games. The main topic of conversation was the reason for moving from Ukraine to Malta. However, the presenter managed to find out what projects the company is currently engaged in. The company mentioned that it is working on three projects, one of which is “Metro 4,” and the fans breathed a sigh of relief because they are confident that the company will create a great game.

Later, the popular shooter Metro developers: Exodus from the studio 4A Games officially revealed the new game, “Metro 4.” According to available information, the new “Metro 4” game is being developed for PC and new platforms PS5 and Xbox Series.

The company will stick to the same place and plot as in the original novel. Location – Moscow Metro of the World Metro and Moscow suburbs. The game will be based on the adventures of the main character of “Metro 2033” – Artyom when a stranger comes to him at VDNKh Homer from Sevastopolskaya and tells about a radio operator who spoke with survivors from other cities. Artyom and Homer will go in search of a radio operator.

Working On Metro 4 More Important Than Other Projects

When the Ukrainian TV channel interviewed 4A Games, the developers announced working on several projects: a space shooter and a new Metro game. However, these were only statements. Fans of games from 4A Games managed to find the profile of the studio’s lead technical designer to learn more about the projects.

In the designer’s profile, people managed to find interesting information about the space shooter. It indicated that the company had suspended work on the project. That is, the project was in the pre-production stage. The developers were in the thinking stage – they thought about making the game bright but did not start development.

Also, fans of 4A Games managed to find information about the development stages of “Metro 4.” This designer actively created objects – the work was fast. The company chose to release this particular game as fans eagerly waited for the release, and the deadline was tight. The company did not pull the development of two projects.

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Promises On Graphic Arts, Gaming Platforms, Multiplayer

4A Games reports that the game will feature full next-gen graphics, much more impressive than the last Metro: Exodus release. “Metro 4” will receive higher frame rates and resolutions, lower downloads, and support for ray tracing. For this, the creators will completely update their 4A engine. Also, the creators assured that the project would be a first-person shooter, emphasizing a storyline campaign for one player.

4A Games programmers noted that they are going to introduce multiplayer into the game. According to the authors of the Metro series, Saber Interactive will help to implement the multiplayer mode. The authors of Metro also said that plans for implementing multiplayer do not mean that the next game will support it or have two modes at once.

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Estimated Release Date

The second question that worries all fans is when the new Metro game release date will take place? At the moment, the company has not officially announced a release date. The company only reports that the game is in the final stages of development and is to be released in 2022.

However, 4A Games does support the advance ordering feature. Developers share various bonuses and exclusive content. Also, users can access the game a little earlier than it becomes available on all platforms.

What factors do 4A Games take when choosing a release date? First, the employment of the target audience is essential for them. Releases often occur during the vacation season, when people are not busy with work and study. Secondly, the company does not release several games at the same time. They wait for the released game to pay off and only then launch a new one. Third, they stick to deadlines. When a company draws up a game development plan, the release will occur after all tasks have been completed.

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Game System Requirements

4A Games has set minimum system requirements:

  • Win 7 64.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 3.1GHz.
  • 8 GB of RAM.
  • 50 GB HDD.
  • AMD Radeon HD 7870 Video Memory: 2GB.

At the moment, these requirements are approximate, and they may change closer to the release of the game on PC.

Our Impression of the Future Game

What is the best Metro game? We assume that it will be “Metro 4.” Why? Judging from the statement and announcements from 4A Games, this will be the most profitable game – as evidenced by Lars Wingefors, who, during a conversation with investors, called the game a “heavyweight.” Indeed, the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse is successfully complemented by excellent graphics and the painstaking work of artists. A person who has never played a game like this will want to have it in the collection. If you have new facts, share them in the comments – be helpful for the same gamblers like you!

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