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Metal Gear Creator Said The Old Guard Star would be Perfect for Solid Snake




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Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima says this The Old Guard big name could be an excellent Solid Snake. Released in 1987 for domestic computer systems, the unique Metal Gear kicked off a stealth-based action-journey gaming franchise that could develop to come to be one in every of the biggest inside the world.

With the discharge of Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation. The collection entered the arena of 3-D gaming and has become larger than ever.

Of course, a large part of the fulfillment of the series is its principal character Solid Snake. A special operations soldier modeled after Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken from John Carpenter’s cult classic Escape From New York.

Given the very cinematic nature of Metal Gear Solid’s gameplay, plus the iconic reputation of Solid Snake himself. It’s no surprise that lovers have long clamored for the online game series to get a theatrical movie variation. 

One of these enthusiasts takes place to be Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who has been pushing to get a film made when you consider that 2014 or even unveiled some concept artwork that helps flesh out his imaginative and prescient for what the movie should be.

What Does Hideo Kojima Think For The Lead

For his part, legendary Metal Gear author Kojima currently weighed in on who could play Solid Snake in any film variation of his video game collection. And his concept is very interesting. 

Kojima gave his take in an Instagram put up and suggested actor Luca Marinelli. At least has the proper look to play the principal protagonist of Metal Gear Solid.

The Old Guard

Indeed, many more people are aware of Marinelli’s way to his overall performance as Nicky in Netflix’s hit action movie The Old Guard.

Before becoming a member of Charlize Theron within the cast of that marvel achievement. Marinelli starred in several huge Italian productions inclusive of Paolo Sorrentino’s Oscar-winner for Best Foreign Language Film The Great Beauty. 

Kojima additionally speaks of Marinelli’s flip as the villainous Zingaro within the superhero movie They Call Me Jeeg Robot. Marinelli also regarded inside the restrained series Trust, approximately the John Paul Getty III kidnapping.

Some Shortlisted Names For Metal Gear Lead

Though Marinelli isn’t any doubt a rising name thanks to his appearance in The Old Guard.

Any studio that decides to head ahead with a Metal Gear Solid movie will probably want a far larger star than that to address the lead function.

Fans, of direction, have their favorite picks to play Solid Snake inside the movie. With Oscar Isaac, Norman Reedus, Christian Bale, and Mads Mikkelsen ranking a number of the many names that have come up in fan casting situations.

Whoever ends up gambling Solid Snake within the Metal Gear Solid film. That sooner or later receives made could be stepping into a potentially iconic position in a movie that.

If it stays actual to Kojima’s vision, will not best be action-packed however also tremendously weird.

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