Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Rumors of Cancelation and Other Details


Merry Happy Whatever is an American comedy web television series starring Dennis Quaid. The series premiered on Netflix on November 28, 2019, and the first season consists of eight episodes.

This show has become a fan-favorite comic series of all time, and better yet, the plot was organized during the Christmas season. The series was originally broadcast on Netflix and was created by Tucker Cawley.

After the season’s success, fans are excited for Season 2, but Netflix appears to be in no mood for a comedy series update.

Netflix has had a mixed reaction to revamping the series, and we’re sure they still doubt whether Merry Happy Whatever will be renewed or not.

Does Netflix renew the second season of Merry Happy Whatever?

To date, Netflix hasn’t made any announcements to confirm Season Two, so it’s hard to say whether Season 2 will happen or not, but for the present time, fans are looking forward to the next installment in this fan-favorite series shortly.

Generally, Netflix does not announce renewals in the first weeks of the series and waits a month to see the statistics. Although they can announce if the series is very popular or high which it is.

Merry Happy Whatever is all about is a holiday-themed comic show that displays a household discussion throughout the Christmas getaway.

Even the finale of this show indicates your household observing New Year Eve jointly. The show is currently a yearly version of Christmas comedy.

If this series is updated, then we can expect the second season to be launched around 2020.

Fans response when they came to know that season 2 was canceled.

However, the series of Merry Happy Whatever was not as popular as other series of Netflix, but it has a loyal fan base.

Fans were asking Netflix to bring the next part of the series so that they can enjoy another Hilarious Family season together with family.

All the fans can do now is wait for the official Netflix announcement to renew the program.


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