Men In Black Actor Torn Died After A Year-Long Battle With Alzheimer


Rip Torn died after a year-long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, conditions were very much worse for him, and this is said according to his death certificate. The Emmy Award-winning veteran actor, as well as a comedian, died at his own Connecticut home back in July, and according to the doctors who were looking after him, the cause of his death is listed due to Alzheimer’s.

The report that the doctor made says that he was diagnosed with this disease year before he passed. Torn was then buried at a cemetery in Poughkeepsie, which is in New York, a few days later, after his death certificate was made.



The actor was very much famous when he was living and young. Rip was perhaps the best known for his role-play as Artie on HBO’s “The Larry Sanders Show,” this was the reason for which the famous comedian won the Emmy, and he was nominated more than six times in the Emmy’s. The actor was also an Oscar nominee in the year 1984 for his role-play in “Cross Creek.”

His career span more than two decades after his film debut in the 1956 film named “Baby Doll” and the movie included many memorable roles in the “Men In Black” films and also in another movie named “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” which was an amazing film made. The actor was made some TV shows ad which became quite famous, and some of the names are “Will and Grace,” and another famous one is “30 Rock”. These two were some TV series that the comedian had made, and it was quite popular at that time.

The actor when he died, he was eighty-eight years old, and we know we won’t get such good and talented actors again. So we only can say that he will be missed by the whole world and Rest In Peace Rip Torn.