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Melissa Benoist Revealed Her Case Of Domestic Violence In A Powerful Video

Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist gave her first cleanup on a 14-minute Instagram video on Wednesday about escaping domestic violence.

The actress, who is now paired with Chris Wood, another character who was in season two of Supergirl, said that she had met the man who abused her right after getting out of another relationship. He replied that soon after they started dating, their new connection was like a “Fugitive Cargo Train.”

Benoist had not revealed the kidnapper’s name but has told the touching manipulator that when she communicated with other people, her former suspect had started appearing. She told me that her partner had also suggested she adjust her clothes, and she was disappointed when she had to do a passionate acting scene.

Melissa Benoist

“The work was, in general, a damaging case,” Benoist says in the video. “He would never want to touch me or even play scenes with men, which was very difficult for me, so I started reducing auditions, job suggestions, test opportunities, and attention because I Didn’t want to disturb them. ” Benoist said that his ruling life eventually turned violent for five months.

“I saw what it felt like it was tied down and often slapped, hit so hard that I felt the wind coming out of me, pulling my hair out on the street, tilting my head. Oh, I’m pushed against the wall until my skin shivers. Drywall cracked, cracked, “she announced in the video.

Benoist continued that he eventually talked, sought help, and ran away with his partner after throwing an iPhone in his face, ending up in a damaged nose and torn iris, spending the rest of his life. His vision for parts changed. According to him, the sole purpose of being out in the open in public was to alert and alert the woman who faces such atrocities and may come out of these situations at the earliest.

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