MeatEater Season 9 Release Date, History Of The Show and Other Details


MeatEater has a huge fanbase. The viewers of the show turn into fans of the show by the time the show terminates. If we put it into simple words, one can just not turn-off MeatEaters midway.

The fans are also desperately waiting for the upcoming season, i.e., season 9. It is a fantastic food show that has a pinch of cookery with a dash of adventure and tons of life lessons.

History Of The Series

MeatEater is a reality television series created by Zero Point Zero Production. The show is based on outdoor hunting. The host of the show is Steven Rinella. It is set in the United States. Initially, it began streaming on Sportsman Channel.

However, post-release of the sixth season of the show, it changed its streaming platform. Now the show streams on Netflix. It premiered in January 2012 and has managed to drop eight seasons comprising 108 episodes till now.

Here is all the information that you should have about the show and the release date of its upcoming season.

Introduction Of The Show

MeatEater Season 9 Release Date, History Of The Show

I would like to tell you that if someone says do not judge a book by its cover, believe him. The title of the show, MeatEaters, makes it sound like the show is based on cookery. However, that is not the case. The show has a lot more to offer. It is probably the most adventurous show you’ll ever come across. 

This fun-filled show is hosted by Steven Rinella. He has exhibited the hardships involved in getting meat in real life. They don’t get meat from a butcher shop rather hunt for it.

What Can You Expect In MeatEater Season 9?

The ninth season of the show will be set in Wyoming, Texas, and Colorado. It will yet again take us to a rollercoaster and adventurous ride. However, you’ll have to wait for the next season.

Release Date Of MeatEater Season 9

The wait is not too long. Get ready to watch season 9 of the show in The United States and the United Kingdom on September 16, 2020. It is will be streaming on Netflix.


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