Deadpool 3 Is to Be Direct by An Oscar-Winning Director To Introduce Ryans Reynolds to MCU


Deadpool is known for its unique blend of a comedy action movie. It is moreover an R rated movie. Both the movies combined got more than a million dollars. 

So it is quite clear that all the people out there have pretty liked the movie and its action. All the credit goes to Ryan and his team. Despite being such a hit, Marvel is a lot thinking about whether being in Deadpool to a team of other characters of MCU. They are sensing a bit of disturbance thinking of this scenario.

What Ryan wants :

Ryan Reynolds who not played the Deadpool himself also produced and co-written the sequel for the film. He wants his team to back the third installment of this movie for the trust he has on them.

What MCU is planning :

Kevin Fiege, the head of MCU is planning to bring in the Oscar-winning director, Taika Waititi for directing Deadpool 3. 

He honored with an Oscar under the category of the best-adapted screenplay for his film Jojo Rabbit.

Fans are excited if this goes as planned as all know his work in Thor Ragnarok. It was a grand hit and entertained the fans a lot.

What the team says :

One of the Reynolds writers, Paul Wernick has said that “Kevin Feige has so much on his plate and he is the master of the universe. When Kevin says it’s time, it’ll be time. 

That may be a year from now, it may be six months from now, it may be three years from now. He doesn’t make a wrong move so whatever decision he makes will be the right one. Again, we’re ready to snap to it whenever Ryan gives us that call and says ‘Let’s go.’ 

And that’s also about finding the right idea and how that fits into the larger MCU universe. It’s a little more complicated than when we were at Fox, but we’re happy to be part of the MCU now and whatever Kevin says, we do”