Mayans MC Season 3: What Fans Can Expect From The Next Season

Mayans MC Season 3

Mayans M. C. Angel actor, Clayton Cardenas, believes that the composing and environment for season 3 became improved after showrunner Kurt Sutter’s departure from the series. Serving as a spin-off into the 2008 smash-hit neo-western biker drama, Sons of Anarchy, Mayans M. C. surfaced on FX in October 2018. The new show focuses on Sons’ rivals-turned-allies – the Mayans Motorcycle Club – and its patch member, Ezekiel”EZ” Reyes, a gifted Mexican guy whose dream was destroyed by cartel violence. The series was arguably one of FX’s biggest hits during its first season, clocking a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. After the achievement of its professional run, FX quickly renewed the series for season 2, which originated in September 2019.

Though Mayans M.C.’s next season was quite well-received, the show’s future was, nonetheless, left in peril in October 2019 when showrunner Kurt Sutter was fired by FX due to allegations of workplace misconduct. Addressing his dismissal,” Sutter even composed a letter to the cast and crew of his biker drama, apologizing for the way his “arrogance and chronic distraction” led to “feelings of hostility and abandonment” on the sets. After Sutter’s shooting, fans feared that FX would pull the plug on Mayans M. C. But those fears were unwarranted, as just a month later, the system picked the show up to get a third season. Sutter’s vacant position was likewise quickly stuffed, using the series’s co-creator and executive producer, Elgin James, stepping to the part. Currently, well over a year after, Mayans M. C. is now gearing up for its return on March 16, and as stated by the cast of the show, they have benefited from the recent creative shakeup.

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On Tuesday, at a conversation with Gamespot, Cardenas discussed the way the lack of Kurt Sutter affected season 3. According to Cardenas, with Sutter gone and James taking his place, filming for Mayans M. C. had become a more soothing and welcoming experience. Cardenas was in all praises of James’ new direction, stating that the creator ensures that everyone’s voices have been heard. The actor is also rather fond of the writing in the new season, which he believes is very authentic and completely harnesses the possibility of his personality, Angel. Read what Cardenas had to say below:

Mayans MC Season 3

It’s night and day. It’s just like the best thing which could have ever happened for the show. The environment which we get to operate [in], it is such fun-it is a relaxing, reassuring environment. You know, everyone’s excited to come to work. I feel like I’m at an advantage, finally. I feel like I am put in the position to succeed. I feel as if the writing is meant for me. I feel like I’m not having to induce conversation, you know? I feel like the writing just rolls off my tongue today.

Elgin is this awesome creator and writer and, you know, he creates this familial bond set,” Cardenas continued. “So again, it makes it welcoming. And everyone’s proud of what is being done, everybody feels their voice has been heard. And what more could you desire? You understand, what more can you want from a creator and manager?

As pointed out by Cardenas, season 3 integrates Angel in a larger role and offers him a chance to shine. The grinding, bombastically barbarous new season has several emotional and mental dilemmas in store for the personality. To begin with, to stop his father’s deportation, Angel is going to be forced to give away incriminating information to U.S. Assistant District Attorney, Lincoln Potter. In doing this, he’d compromise his buff and rebel leader Adeilta’s freedom, leaving her to give birth to his son from federal custody. Angel would also rise nearer to his brother, EZ, after learning the truth about his mother’s death. But the family reunion will be short-lived, just as Angel and the Mayans will get embroiled in a significant tragedy with the discovery of the body of a former SOA member in the Mexican desert.

With Cardenas’ announcement, it is apparent that James’ promotion to showrunner has boded well for the series. When Sutter was fired from Mayans M. C., there were apprehensions about the future of inventive storytelling. Fans and viewers feared that the story will be dumbed down in the hands of James and Disney, which purchased 21st Century Fox and, by extension, FX in early 2019. But that is certainly not true as the actors are rather happy with how things have shaped up under the leadership of the new showrunner. The world that Sutter built with Sons of Anarchy is still highly respected, and its importance as a foundation stone and fitting template for Mayans M. C. remains intact. Now, however, in this new era, James is helping the series locate an individuality of its own that is independent of the Jax Teller world.