Matt Reeves Batman Has A Lot To Bring In With It’s Original Comics


Batman has been one of the most iconic and oldest characters in DC. Over 80 years we have seen many of the transformations in the Batman looks. Even now we could see such changes as Ben Affleck has stepped down from the project. Now Matt Reeves who has previously directed Dawn of the Planet of Apes is going to direct this movie.

Revelations till now :

Till now not much has been revealed. Some pictures from the sets show us glimpses of the new Batman’s look by Robert Pattinson. After a few months of production started only a few things were revealed like the partial costume of Batman through released camera test, full reveal at a stunt costume used during the filming of a motorcycle chase. The first glimpse at what Colin Farrell might look like as Oswald Cobblepot is also spotted. There are a hell lot of reports stating that the film could take a lot of theories from its comic story.

Zero Year :

There are many chances that Matt Reeves could take the plot out from the Synder’s Zero Year where we can see Bruce Wayne squares off against the Red Hood Gang, Doctor Death, and Edward Nygma in Gotham that’s been turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Reeves have already said that the movie doesn’t include the origin story of Batman.

So definitely there will be a major part of Edward Nygma in the movie. Adding to this the motorcycle used by Batman seen in the shooting photos is quite a lot similar to that used by Batman in Savage City arc of Zero Year. Other photos reveal that Bruce Wayne is attacked and his face was mugged his face with paint by a group of thugs. This is quite similar to the Red Hood Gang’s attack on Bruce Wayne at the start of Zero Year’s first arc.