Matrix 4 Will Every Character Return For Their New Roles


The first part was released in 1999, and many of us know that the first part was such a blockbuster that the movie shaped the cinematic career of a plethora of actors. 

The very first part of the matrix series was such that Keanu Reeve’s career skyrocketed and that broke all the records set by the contemporary actors. 


Although the second and the third part of the movie was not so incredible and the films grossed considerably low than the first part.

The new fourth part of the Matrix series was confirmed in 2019, and the best part being Keanu Reeves is all set to rock the screens as he always does as Neo. 

The film is much awaited one, and the best part about the film is that the fans are pleasing to see the characters who were there in their previous editions.

Lana Wachowski will be directing the film and this thing confirms that it is going to be a brilliant one, and then on top of it, the wait for the fans has been a long one.

In The Matrix Revolutions, there was a prediction from the oracle that Neo is poised to return at some point in time. 

The film, which is now all set to return for their fourth part, is going to make that prediction a reality, and there isn’t an iota of doubt that the film that they are making will have everything which is expected from the Matrix series.

Carrie Anne Moss as Trinity

Carrie Anne Moss as Trinity, who also lost her life in The Matrix Revolutions along with Keanu Reeves, but now at this point, no one of the fans or any source knows that how she will be brought back.

The fans of the sequel felt very bad when Trinity died, and we know that it will be interesting to see her return and also be alongside with Neo.

Lambert Wilson as The Merovingian

Lambert Wilson as The Merovingian, who had the distinction of working as a data highway and the leader of all exiles was a staunch supporter of Neo. 

Still, eventually, shortsightedness and power blindfolded him from the real objective, that he had.